The cost of sleeping on campus is going to get more expensive.

Starting the fall 2018 semester, housing costs for the residence halls, suites, center for regenerative studies, and university village are rising.

“Just the cost of everything has gone up,” director of housing operations Todd London said. “Supplies and services, utilities- even our bank fees are up, so as those costs increase, the rents have to keep up with that.”

Housing costs will increase next semester by four percent, according to London.

Rates will increase three percent for the next couple of years starting in 2020. (Ruth Olivares | The Poly Post)

Last year, housing costs increased four percent, according to London.

While rates are expected to increase in the years to come, London believes the rates will stabilize. Starting in 2020, London believes the rates will remain at an increase of three percent for the next 8 to 10 years.

Housing costs are evaluated every year and rates can change, according to London.

Rent costs are evaluated using the consumer price index for shelter and rent, operating expenses, and a performa: A 30 year projection of university housing’s income and expenses.

“Costs go up, costs go down, so we actually look at it with fresh eyes every year,” London said.

Maintenance costs for older facilities are high and constantly vary, according to London.

Last year operating costs were up by 8 percent.

London states gray residence hall buildings Cedritos and Palmitas will no longer be used when new first year housing opens.

This summer, university housing will spend over $1 million on building repairs.

The current cost of living at the residence halls on campus ranges from $13,000 to $14,700 a year and for the 2018-2019 year, housing costs will range from $13,729 to $15,241.

For the suites, costs currently range from $12,825.00 to $20,400 per year, and for the 2018-2019 year will range from $13,000 to $22,000.

At the Center for Regenerative Studies, housing ranges from $11,970.00 to $14,700.00 a year and will range from $12,371 to $15,241 a year.

All on campus housing costs include a meal plan for the academic year.

At the University Village across the street from campus, a single room costs $908 a month and will raise to $935, while a double costs $735 and will raise to $757.

The University Village does not come with a meal plan included in the rent cost.

Bronco bucks are still an option for students at the village, or others living off campus.

The price increase may be enough for students to change their mind about living on campus.

Third year hospitality management student Madeline Sin lives at the village and considers housing options in Diamond Bar because of housing’s price increase.

“The price increase definitely has an effect on my decision,” Sin said.

Conflicted by the price, the convenience of living on campus may be enough for Sin to brush off the price increase.

“It will be my last year,” Sin said. “Since I’m involved on campus it would be very convenient.”

In a list of 18 CSU housing prices, Cal Poly’s double residence halls were fifth highest, and Cal Poly has the fifth highest cost for a suite in a list of 19 CSUs.

The fee advisory committee and President Coley review all fees before they are approved.

London suggests students stay informed by visiting university housing’s webpage, or keeping up to date with Associated Students Inc.’s fee advisory committee.

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