The new café will over healthier food options such as pressed fruit and vegetable juices. (Brent Spivey | The Poly Post)

New café to replace Peet’s

Peet’s Coffee and Freshens in the Bronco Student Center will be replaced fall semester 2018 as a part of a new café naming campaign launched April 4.

According to CPP Dining Services, the café will serve specialty coffee and tea beverages as well as a variety of fresh pastries, fruit and grab ‘n go items.

“The goal for this new cafe is to offer choices grown by students and consumed by students, but fast for lunch time,” Executive Chef of Residential Dining, Arnold Zavalza, said. “We want to spotlight healthy global flavor profiles, like Mediterranean and Italian food, with produce grown here at Cal Poly Pomona.”

The new café will over healthier food options such as pressed fruit and vegetable juices. (Brent Spivey | The Poly Post)

Though the menu is still in-progress, paninis will be a hot food option offered at the café.

The focus is on healthy grains, kale, beans and quinoa with vegetarian and vegan options.

This gives students the opportunity to try something new and not feel sluggish after consuming a meat-heavy or fried lunch.

The new cafe will feature breakfast in the form of paninis, fruit cups and parfaits.

Fresh pressed fruits and vegetables juices are other healthy, key difference to this café.

Starbucks will be the coffee provider, but the food choices and atmosphere will be completely different from the other location.

The lines covering the perimeter of the Library Starbucks location support that Starbucks is the most popular coffee franchise on campus.

The new café needs should disperse foot-traffic on the south-center portion of campus.

“Peet’s Coffee and Freshens were categorized as underperforming and with this new café we want to put more of an emphasis on the food,” Dining Services Director, Aaron Neilson, said. “Coffee contributes to 70% of the stores sales, with baked goods at 20% and smoothies at 10%.”

The new café should imporve the way coffee complements healthy foods.

In the spring time, it may be difficult to eat on campus because of the endless tours, but Tapingo is a creating a new way to beat the lines of touring prospective students.

Tapingo was recently implemented to mitigate lines, help the BSC seating issues, and make it easier to pay with your campus card or BroncoBucks.

“We have to be trendy, but still true to ourselves,” Zavalza said. “We love food, growing food here at Spaedra ranch is true to our learn by doing motto.”

Chef Arnold is always experimenting with new creations like zucchini sashimi rolls, lamb meatballs with za’atar yogurt sauce, gyros, baba ganoush and eggplant crab cakes.

Drop by Los Olivos to see what’s in the works.

CPP Dining Services was once looking at Dunkin Donuts as a possible café replacement, but the brand wouldn’t fit the image of healthy, sustainable, delicious and locally grown.

The new café will open its doors the on Aug. 23, a little earlier than the first day of fall semester 2018.

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