Some students are anxious about their safety on campus after recent mass shootings in Las Vegas and in Florida. However, there are many precautions everyone at Cal Poly Pomona can take to avoid an active shooter situation.

According to Lt. Aaron Eaton, personal safety begins with the individual and the use of their own intuition.

“The one thing that we say is if you see something, say something, and then do something about it,” he said.

Eaton stated most individuals who commit an act of violence, such as a mass shooting, oftentimes show signs before doing so.

In an active shooter situation, students may have to fight for their lives if faced with the gunman. (Valerie Mancia | The Poly Post)

He said it is important students and faculty notice these signs and report them, even if they seem insignificant, so that police on campus can protect the Bronco community better.

“I say that that’s holding a piece of the puzzle that if you don’t give it to somebody else, than we’re not able to tell what that puzzle looks like,” Eaton said.

There are cases of individuals who were arrested for carrying a weapon, including firearms, on campus.

However, none of those cases involved a potential mass-shooting situation.

The people in these cases misunderstood their right to carry weapons on them and were not planning to commit any type of violence.

Students who see something out of the ordinary or feel uncomfortable about a situation are urged to make a report on the PolyCARES website or to call police dispatch.

For academic advisor Teresa Medina, the reality of gun violence on campuses has caused her to worry about her own safety. However, she stated it is better to be proactive rather than to worry.

“There’s nothing we can really do at the moment,” Medina said. “We just have to be more aware of our surroundings.”

Fourth-year psychology student Natalie Giron admitted recent events have caused her to worry, but she hasn’t questioned her safety at CPP.

“I always think about it because it’s something really close to home, but I feel pretty safe here,” she said.

Faculty members can partake in training to learn what to do and how to prepare for an active shooter situation.

Safety presentations are also held for different groups on campus.

Students can also partake in similar training and watch the new CSU video for active shooter safety training online.

The video teaches the concept of RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. in which the individual must make a choice between the three depending on where they are in an active shooter situation.

In the event of such a situation, students and faculty will be alerted as soon as possible so they can prepare themselves.

Visit for more information about campus safety.

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