Students on campus are getting ready to register for their first semester as CPP transitions out of the quarter system.

A new document regarding financial literacy was released to get students up to speed about tuition and financial aid. Rather than paying tuition three times a year, students will pay tuition twice.

This change will result in a higher price tag since payments will be split two ways, but the overall cost of tuition will remain the same.

The payment deadline for tuition has been moved up due to the earlier Fall start date. (Christina Manuel | The Poly Post)

The University has been vocal about the idea of sticker shock.

Sticker shock is referred to as the shock students will face on July 26 when the price is higher than students are used to.
“July 26 is the date students will be paying their tuition for the Fall 2018 semester. This summer deadline is different than what students are accustomed to,” Zoe Lance, the Communications Specialist for the Office of Student Success said.

Lance stated that students need to plan and budget for the summer deadline that is quickly approaching.

CPP’s Federal Credit Union has posted videos to help students learn about budgeting.

The transition to semesters will not affect student’s financial aid.

Students will pay tuition twice a year and will receive financial aid twice a year as well.

“You are at a University to learn how to be a functioning person in this world. If you learn good budgeting and good financial literacy, then it will serve you in the long run.” Lance said.

The comparison guide directory is also a new tool that CPP has added to the website.

The colleges created comparison guides which are side-by-side comparisons of the quarter curriculum and the semester curriculum.

Each student who is transitioning has the option of staying on the quarter curriculum or switching to a semester curriculum.

CPP has not prepared curriculum guides for students yet.

“We came up with these comparison guides to show this is what students were originally going to take in the quarter system and this is what they will take in the semester system” said Lance

A new round of Semester Conversion Games has also been added to the website.

“I want many students to participate because I want you to get a parking permit, Disneyland ticket, and other prizes. I want students to be engaged in the semester conversion planning process. We are getting so close to August 23 and all of the things on the game card are things students should be doing anyway.” said Lance

The spring game has changed a little.

Students can now turn in a card on the website as well as in person.

Lance hopes this will increase engagement and participation.

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