Summer session will only last five weeks this year due to semester conversions earlier start date for fall. (Christina Manuel | The Poly Post)

Brief summer accommodates semesters

For the first time in Bronco history, Cal Poly Pomona will be offering an accelerated summer term of five weeks to all students.

Summer courses at CPP are normally spread out between a 10-week course or two, five-week courses. As semester conversion quickly approaches, the new five-week summer course is intended to help students get ahead of their classes before the semester switch.

“We want to still provide summer courses to make it smoother to get classes in semesters,” said Zoe Lance, Communication Specialist for the Office of Student Success.”

Summer session will only last five weeks this year due to semester conversions earlier start date for fall. (Christina Manuel | The Poly Post)

The summer term will begin on June 18 and will end on July 24.

The course of the summer term is due to the already shortened summer break, as the last day of the spring quarter ends on June 8, 2018.

The first day of fall semester begins on Aug. 23, 2018, leaving CPP students and faculty with a much shorter summer than before.

Lance explained that after the transition to semesters, CPP’s summer sessions will return back to the normal 10-week or two five-week courses in 2019.

There will be more than 500 courses available this summer and it’s impressive to learn there will be multiple sections for select courses as well.

With conflicting opinions about the accelerated summer classes, it’s ultimately up to students to decide for themselves if they need or want to take the summer term.

“I’m not interested in taking summer classes because of the shortened summer with semester conversion,” said Vincent Ruiz, first-year geology student. “I want time to work to pay for my classes.”

Financial aid may be available in the summer to students and will be prioritized to students who need eight units or less to graduate.

For more information about financial aid for the five-week session, email

Priority registration for CPP students will began on April 16 and general registration will begin on April 18.

The unit cap will remain the same: 16 units for both priority and general registration and 20 units during the add/drop period.

Prizes are now being offered as incentives to take classes here at CPP in the summer. The first 200 students to register for classes will receive a free CPP T-shirt.

Other prizes that will be given out to students who register for summer courses include four parking permits, two license plate holders, two graduation frames and a grand prize of two tickets to Disneyland.

Recipients of these prizes will be chosen at random from the pool of all summer registered students at CPP.

Second-year chemistry student Isaac Ramirez plans on taking at least three general education classes during the summer here at CPP.

“I’ve never taken summer classes here before,” said Ramirez. “I don’t know what to expect.”

Ramirez is among many other students who are curious about how the workload will be because of the compacted five-week.

With such a short amount of time to learn, students need to be prepared to take on these classes as the pace will be much faster and there will be no time to waste.

Students who are concerned about the courses available or what classes to take should visit their academic advisor for more help.

For any questions about the accelerated five-week summer courses, visit the Bronco Advising Center in the CLA Building.

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