The recent rains did not affect the progress of the new CLA as workers continued to work in dry areas. (Fredy Ramirez | The Poly Post)

Student service and student housing remain on schedule

The Student Services Building and Student Housing Replacement Project are both currently under construction along Kellogg Drive to replace the CLA building and provide more housing for students on campus.

The new Student Services Building will be located in the shadow of the CLA in what used to be Parking Lot C. Soon, it will replace the CLA building with a “more ecological and environmental” work space.

According to Bruyn Bevans, a senior project manager in Cal Poly Pomona Facilities Design and Construction, the project is on budget and on schedule.

The rain storm that passed through the city of Pomona in previous weeks had little negative impact on the progress of the Student Services Building.

“We never stopped working,” Bevans said. “There were enough dry spots within the construction site to continue work.”

The recent rains did not affect the progress of the new CLA as workers continued to work in dry areas. (Fredy Ramirez | The Poly Post)

The infrastructure is expected to be finished in September. The interior of the building will be completely finished and ready for use as early as January 2019.

As for the fate of the beloved “pointy building,” the status of the CLA will be discussed in the University’s Master Plan. Whether the CLA undergoes demolition or is repurposed, it will stand tall for a few more years.

The CLA will be replaced by a new one. However, the future of the CLA remains uncertain. (Fredy Ramirez | The Poly Post)

Just a little way down Kellogg Drive, the Student Housing Replacement Project is ongoing. The project includes two eight-story residence buildings and one one-story dining hall.

After realigning Kellogg Drive and extending Eucalyptus Lane, the housing project is 30 percent into its construction phase, according to Morris Taylor, the project manager of the student housing replacement project.

The success of this project is a result of the support from and collaboration with SUNDT Construction and the “impacted neighbors.”

The Arabian Horse Team, Cal Poly Foundation, the Bronco Student Center, the Children’s Center and the students living in the residential suites are directly affected due to the proximity of the construction.

“It’s almost like someone working in your living room,” Taylor said. “Everyone is very supportive of the university’s needs of getting it done.”

From street closures to the noise of a jack hammer, CPP students have noticed significant changes to the campus.

Since the completion of the street realignment, walking traffic is affected.

Students have to navigate through the construction zones, making the walk to class a bit longer.

“The construction is not too bad,” said Ricardo Aguilar, second-year international business and marketing student. “The LED lights are pretty bright and shine through my window. So, I have to make sure my blinds are closed.”

The structural decks, or the concrete shell, of the two eight-story buildings are expected to be finished in April 2019.

Landscaping work will be begin as soon as a year from now. The official completion date is still to be determined.

Major advancements in both the Student Services Building and the Student Replacement Housing Project will be seen when school resumes for fall semester.

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