Students should visit the Bronco advising center if they are uncertain about anything regarding graduation or commencement. (Courtesy of CPP)

7 graduating tips for Broncos

Commencement, graduation and completion: Whatever you need to do, now is the time to do it.

For those with uncertainties here are some key deadlines and dates to remember.

The Office of Student Success suggest graduating students do the following to finish strong and on time.

Students should visit the Bronco advising center if they are uncertain about anything regarding graduation or commencement. (Courtesy of CPP)

1. Know the difference between graduation and early commencement.

If you are completed with the entirety of your coursework by the end of the 2018 spring quarter, you may apply for graduation.

In contrast, if you are within eight units or less of completion, you may apply for early commencement which allows you to participate in the commencement ceremony in June.

However, you will not officially graduate and receive your degree until you have completed the remaining eight units (or less).

This option is great for students who do not want to wait until the 2019 commencement ceremony to celebrate graduating but will be done with their coursework much sooner than spring 2019.

There is a separate application for early commencement, as well as a separate fee.

Those who participate in early commencement will need to apply for graduation during the quarter they complete their coursework.

2. The deadline to apply for either graduation or early commencement in spring is April 13.

Applications must be completed on BroncoDirect.

If a student misses the deadline, but still wants to participate in commencement or graduate, they may,

However, it is important that he or she goes to the registrar’s office immediately.

However, there is no guarantee that those students’ names will be printed in the program.

3. Any student who is not qualified to graduate or participate in early commencement, but does so anyway, will be subject to a fine of $200.

4. Graduation caps and gowns will be sold during Grad Fair on April 17 and 18 in the Bronco Bookstore, building 66.

5. July 13 is the deadline to submit any deficiency corrections to the registrar, such as submitting missing transcripts, amending any transfer issues, grade forgiveness and substitutions.

6. Students who think they are qualified for graduation (or early commencement) are encouraged to check the following.

  • Carefully and thoroughly check your degree progress report on BroncoDirect to ensure all degree requirements have been met.
  • Know all deadlines.
  • Pass all remaining courses, making sure to utilize resources such as tutoring and professors’ office hours whenever necessary.
  • Meet with all applicable advisers including the staff adviser for his or her college, taking care to keep them included in all plans before and after graduation.
  • Turn all necessary paperwork in to the registrar’s office as early as possible so that it may be processed in time. This includes paperwork for substitutions, transcripts and grade forgiveness.

7. It is recommended that students visit the Bronco Advising Center.

There, students can get any further graduation questions answered, get help with finding their adviser, get assistance with any financial aid questions, receive help with academic planning tools, and more.

The Registrar’s web site has a presentation posted online called “Ready, Set, Graduate!” that provides detailed information for the entire process.

All of these resources are here to help every Bronco graduating from CPP this do so swiftly so students can accept their hard-earned diploma happily and simply.

From the Office of Student Success.

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