Students were able to stop by the chalk wall in the Bronco Student Center and spend their time folding different origami creations at the Motley Origami event during U-Hour on Thursday Feb. 8.

ORI meaning fold and GAMI meaning paper, origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into figures and shapes.

Hosted by Associated Students, Inc., student employees set up multiple tables for the Motley Origami event in front of the BSC chalk wall.

The tables were filled with a variety prints of square origami paper and folding instructions for shapes to create at different difficulty levels.

The Motley Origami event is a great way for students to unwind during their free time before class and create fun paper art with their friends.

“I heard origami is hard,” says third-year music education student Anthony Rodarte. “But I heard it’s relaxing too, so let’s see how this goes.”

The different foldings ranged from a simplistic box, to a medium difficulty crane, all the way to the more complex foldings for shapes like the lotus flower.

Passing students were able to partake in the craft while getting lunch in the BSC and learn about other events coming up by ASI involving origami.

Students gathered in the Bronco Student Center to learn more about origami. (Christina Manuel | The Poly Post)

ASI program coordinator, Maria Lisa Flemington, also took part in the fun alongside setting up the event with ASI students.

Most of the ASI staff were also trying out the different origami shapes instructions with students, trying to figure out the more complicated folding together all while mixing and matching the different paper prints and colors.

Elisa Reyes, a first-year accounting student, was one of the students passing by that decided to test her paper folding skills on the spot.

“I was just walking by,” said Reyes. “I thought ‘why not?’ It’ll pass the time.”

Even with detailed pictures alongside the descriptive folding instructions, origami is not always as simple as it seems.

Trying to fold a paper lily into shape, Reyes spent most of her time stumped on the fourth step of her instructions, confused on what the picture of the step was actually depicting.

“I remember doing those ‘cootie catchers’ in elementary school,” says Reyes.

Folding and refolding the same paper lily, Reyes admits she’s never actually taken part in folding real origami.

The Motley Origami event is a great way for CPP students to unwind during the stress of midterm season and create unique paper art to be proud of.

The Motley Origami table is a preview for a bigger origami event that will happen on Feb. 14.

The event will host a guest origami artist to teach the folding techniques for different shapes and figures to students that want to learn more about the Japanese paper folding art.

Arianne Coleto, fourth-year graphic design student and ASI art program assistant, hopes CPP students will attend the event with their friends and take advantage of the origami workshop to learn about or brush up on their origami folding skills.

“We’re going to have an origami artist come in to do demonstrations,” says Coleto. “This is just a pop-up advertisement for it.”

The event will take place in the BSC, in the Orion Suite on Feb. 14.

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