The Cave’ houses extra computer lab

By Ruth Olivares

According to Cal Poly Pomona’s website, there are about 23,000 students enrolled in classes and 263 computers available at the library.

Luckily, there is an alternative resource, less crowded and less noisy than the library.

Fourth-year computer information systems student, Fernando Huitson, is among the few to take advantage of The Cave on campus.

In the large, silent, study sanctuary, Huitson prefers sitting in the outskirts of the computer lab.

With the entire row to himself, the nearest person is at least seven seats away.

“Some students believe it’s an actual cave,” said Ryan Walker, a fourth-year business student and IT helpdesk attendant at The Cave.

The name seems misleading for a computer lab, but it is fitting for the secrecy of the computer lab’s location.

It is hidden down a hall and similar to a cave, the lab has a low ceiling.

While finding the lab is a bit of a challenge, the resources are well worth the effort to find it.

The Cave is located to the right of the career center in building 97, room 121.

It operates Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is equipped with 70 work stations, two printers that print color, or black and white and a kiosk to load student ID’s with cash for printing.

Toward the walls, PCs line the edge of the computer lab and in the center of The Cave lie Mac computers that were recently installed.

The Cave has plenty of valuable resources for students, but the lack of marketing for the computer lab results in a student population does not know of the lab’s existence.

The Cave goes unnoticed, but for students that happen to know about it, the lack of popularity is advantageous in a study space.

“It’s really quiet,” Huitson said. “Moreso than the library.”

The library holds chatty study sessions, napping commuters and at times, it is just as chaotic as the campus dining commons.

“With midterms and finals, the library is always packed,” Walker said. “Most likely, there won’t be a line in here.”

Huitson prefers The Cave to the library because of its tranquility and he loves stopping by Fridays, when the campus is less busy.

“With the classes I have, I’ll be spending more time here,” Huitson said. “I need the Adobe Dreamweaver software and since they already have it, I might as well use it.”

Computers on campus are equipped with various costly programs and Huitson recommends other students save their money and take a trip to The Cave as well.

Access to such systems can cost up to $50 a month.

All students have free access to the numerous computer labs on campus

Courtesy of Pexels

All students have free access to the numerous computer labs on campus

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