University prepares students for Conversion

By Christina Berberian

Semester conversion has been the conversation on campus for a while and now that winter quarter is here, we are all curious to know of any new information we must take account of before we make the switch.

“Students really should know what’s going on to better prepare for the conversion and to know what to ask their academic advisors,” said Zoe Lance, Communications Specialist for the Office of Student Success.

So, what do we need to know?

At the end of November, Cal Poly Pomona launched multiple new resources including the Conversion Guide, which works with your Degree Progress Report to help you convert your quarter schedule plan to a semester schedule plan.

There is also the MyPlanner tool, which can help you plan the classes you need to take in semesters.

Another resource to be aware of is the Student Handbook.

This tool is essential for students to know about any changes to tuition, financial aid, scholarships and more.

Lastly, students on campus now have access to the re-launched Semester Conversion Website.

This is where you can find all the links and information about everything related to the conversion.

There is also an FAQ section to help make things easy to understand.

If anything is unclear, this is where you can have some of your questions answered.

Opening our books and getting back to work after winter break can be tough, but now that winter quarter has officially begun students are back on track for their ultimate goal: graduation.

Moreover, students have been reassured that their graduation date will not change due to the semester conversion, and that all units they have taken on the quarter system will be counted for.

Some students are finding that the conversion doesn’t affect them negatively, or even at all.

“The semester system is more familiar to me,” said third-year transfer and English student Alexis Torres.

During semester conversion workshops, students have been advised on how to make sure they have everything in place for the conversion so that they don’t fall behind.

Fall 2017 freshmen have been instructed on how to best handle the conversion starting next fall.

“During orientation they told us not to take certain classes until the conversion took place,” said first-year English Literature student Luz Garcia.

Until now, semester conversion workshops have been nonspecific to any majors in order to help the average CPP student make an easy transition to the semester system.

Lance explaied that now that the winter quarter has started, there will be workshops to help you plan your schedule according to your own major.

Some academic departments and colleges at CPP are starting to offer major-specific workshops.

Students can now look to their departments and colleges for information about these workshops and if their major is providing one.

Even if you have already attended a semester conversion workshop, you would definitely benefit from one that makes sure you are on the right track for your own career path as we make the switch to semesters.

Being aware of any updates involving the conversion is vital to how we progress in our academic careers.

The Semester Conversion office is located in the CLA building on the eighth floor.

Semester conversion has been the conversation on campus for a while

Valerie Mancia / The Poly Post

Semester conversion has been the conversation on campus for a while

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