University to maintain Title IX policies

By Taylor Dalton

The new attack on Title IX from the Trump Administration will rescind Obama-era rules about sexual discrimination, but it doesn’t seem that Cal Poly Pomona will implement changes in how reports of sexual harassment are handled.

Secretary of Education Betsey Devos stated on Sept. 7 that she would be changing the process of investigation and prosecuting sexual assault at schools and universities.

Her reasoning behind the new policy emphasizes that the policy should not only protect the victim, but the person being accused should be protected as well.

After Devos’ press conference on her new change in Title IX, CPP’s Chancellor Timothy P. White issued a statement in response stating, “As we continue to pursue this important work, we will not be deterred from our commitment to safety, fairness, compassion and equal opportunity for every member of our university community, which is and always will be, our highest priority.”

“I am grateful for everyone’s hard work and dedication in combatting sexual violence on campuses.”

He informed that although the changes will be going underway, it does not mean that students should feel unsafe.

Title IX will remain the same until the new one is created, so all students and employees are protected.

Devos’ policy change is not just siding with the accusers of these assaults.

She is changing the policy because she believes that these cases aren’t being fairly processed.

The victims of blame are losing their lives and their scholarships because of stories that two people who were drunk and don’t want to admit to sleeping with each other or some kind of revenge.

That it doesn’t take both parties into consideration, just the victim.

In many cases, you hear that both people were drunk that they broke up and the hookup was a mistake, but months later realizes he/she was uncomfortable and claimed it as an assault.

It is unfortunate that some people want to hurt the other party involved, but for the most part people make these reports to protect themselves.

Devos wants to hear both sides of the story and get a full understanding.

“Under the new policy, I don’t feel completely safe mainly because I feel that if you didn’t want your life to be ruined you shouldn’t have sexually assaulted someone,” Samantha Barbosa a fourth year communication student said.

“Women are constantly harassed every day and without Title IX protection for victims, the fear of harassment and assault drastically increases. For example, I do not feel safe walking alone to my car after my night class, which is sadly a normal feeling for women. Women should not need to feel unsafe walking to their car.”

She explained she was starting to feel empowered with all new positive light on woman standing up for them and for the female community in equality and woman feeling safe, to now feeling as if this new policy is taking a step back for victim, which most are women.

“When these cases are presented they shouldn’t automatically assume they have bad intentions,” Jose Gonzalez a sixth year kinesiology student said.

“Everyone knows about those stories where girls lie about being abused just to get money or blackmail the guy. I think Cal Poly will or should do what is right for each of its students.”

If you or anyone you know has gone through an assault or harassment on campus, CPP has links and numbers for its students and staff.

You can go to the CPP website and click Title IX for all information on reporting an incident or to get help, below are numbers and people you can contact.

Campus administration and ASI have developed support programs for Title IX incident victims

Courtesy of Cal Poly Pomona

Campus administration and ASI have developed support programs for Title IX incident victims

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