Great California Shakeout drill conducted Thursday

By Ryan Hickey

Last week, Cal Poly Pomona students, like many other colleges, took part in the Great California Shakeout.

At 10:19 a.m. on Oct. 19, students and professors followed the famous motto when dealing with an earthquake, “drop, cover and hold on.”

“Living in California my whole life, an earthquake is always an ominous disaster, so it’s good to practice what should be done,” Ryan Williams, a mechanical enginnering student, said.

CPP students were some of the 10.5 million participants that joined in on the shakeout.

The shakeout is a safe way to prepare oneself for what should be done during an actual earthquake.

Students were told to drop and find cover underneath a desk or a table and hold on.

The shakeout occurred when students and staff were signaled from a loudspeaker to get underneath desks or tables and hold on.

The Classroom, Laboratory & Administration Building was evacuated by building marshals who led students and staff to designated safety zones.

“The importance of the great shakeout, for the most part, is to get the campus community as prepared as possible,” Executive Director of Institutional Risk and Emergency Management Whitney Fields said.

If students signed up for CPP’s Safety Alert System, they should have received a text as a reminder of the shakeout.

The Safety Alert System sends messages by emailing, texting and calling office and campus phones to notify students and staff about when there is an emergency on campus.

This system is only used for emergencies and is tested once a quarter.

If students didn’t receive a text from the Safety Alert System, CPP urges students to update their personal information on BroncoDirect.

This can be easily done by adding your cell phone number under the “mobile” phones option.

The university also advises students to have a disaster kit with essentials, such as water, basic tools, a radio, flashlight, dust masks, gloves and goggles, prepared

Another sugesstion that the great shakeout promotes is staying put while an earthquake is happening because most injuries occur from flying glass or falling objects.

Lastly, the great shakeout enourages students to be alert at all times and to idenfity sturdy furniture that can protect them from any sort of injuries, if an earthquake strikes.

“I think preparing is a big part of knowing what to do when a disaster actually occurs,” Alec Martinez, a geology student, said.

Earthquake drills are held throughout the state to teach California residents about earthquake safety and emergency

Courtesy of Cal Poly Pomona

Earthquake drills are held throughout the state to teach California residents about earthquake safety and emergency

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