Title IX should not benefit the accused

By Ana Perez

Hollywood’s elites buried Harvey Weinstein after numerous women accused him of sexual assault and harassment.

This is no secret.

Weinstein has always had an inexcusable behavior and simply covers it up by throwing a couple thousand dollars toward campaigns and charities.

Just because he’s a “philanthropist” doesn’t mean he’s not a disgusting person.

However, that does mean it’s harder to accuse him.

He’s a major film producer and severing those ties could be detrimental to a person’s career.

Also, no one wants to see such a charitable man go down.

Sexual harassment happens in Hollywood and in almost every other profession too.

Hollywood can be unforgiving.

Actors and actresses depend on strong networking and relationships to have the chance to audition for a role.

However, if these relationships are severed, they have almost no way to make it.

Unfortunately, that’s why lack of disclosure is common too.

Disclosing a sexual assault can be difficult.

There is fear of retribution, potential loss of a job and unwanted shame.

These encounters can make people feel powerless.

Take for example James Van Der Beek who recently announced on Twitter that he is no stranger to these encounters.

Even Terry Crews, the last person I could ever imagine being harassed, was.

That’s because this can happen to anyone.

Crews didn’t release the name of his abuser, however, he did say that he was groped during a function by a Hollywood executive in front of his wife.

However, he didn’t retaliate against his abuser for fear of how the situation would be perceived.

If some of Hollywood’s most influential and powerful stars can’t come forward, then how will students?

Especially now that United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos suggested that she and her administration plan on rewriting Title IX in order to protect both the victims of sexual assault and the accused.

DeVos suggests that in protecting the victim so much, the Obama administration failed accused students.

Disclosing sexual assault or harassment could traumatize a survivor all over again, especially if their attacker is going to be further protected.

Survivors of sexual assault deserve to feel safe.

We should not be going out of our way to ensure that an accuser feels comfortable.

The person accused shouldn’t get to live their life as though nothing has happened.

Someone’s life has been shattered, and they should feel that.

If DeVos rewrites Title IX to become more lenient on the accused, then universities are just going to start sweeping the allegations under the rug again.

I understand that it’s tricky.

Nobody wants to ruin someone’s life based off an allegation that could turn out to be false.

And their lives shouldn’t be ruined.

I’m not saying we should burn them at the stake, but they should not get to go on as if it’s business as usual.

However, if DeVos takes a more lenient stand, then the seriousness of these cases and accusations will fade.

We cannot let those brave enough to stand up to their accuser be left in the dark again.

Their voices need to be heard.

They don’t deserve to live their days scared and afraid, while their attacker roams free doing as they please.

Do the accused deserve due process? Absolutely.

But, they don’t need to be cuddled and cradled through it.

The survivors deserve more respect than that.

"The person accused shouldn

Courtesy of womenshealth.org

“The person accused shouldn’t get to live their life as though nothing has happened”

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