Fall in the Farm draws 300 students

By Melissa Lopez

For those Cal Poly Pomona students who were unable to attend the university’s annual Pumpkin Festival, Associated Students, Inc.’s Bronco Events & Activities Team held its Fall in the Farm event to continue the fall spirit on campus.

Fall in the Farm had many elements that were similar to the Pumpkin Festival, just on a smaller and more intimate level.

The free event gave CPP students access to the pumpkin patch, the corn maze and the petting zoo.

There was also free food, activities and live music.

Roughly 300 people attended the event, according to BEAT’s student guest sign-in sheets.

According to BEAT Programming Chair Ingrid Nicole Mata, the event allowed students to unwind and embrace the fall spirit.

“We wanted to showcase to students some of the best things that the fall season has to offer,” said Mata. “So we gathered it all in one area and let fall blossom.”

Upon arrival most students headed towards the pumpkin patch.

Due to the vast amount of pumpkins, students were on the search for the perfect pumpkin to take home.

Buying a pumpkin here was a steal for many students.

Pumpkins are typically sold by the pound, but all pumpkins, regardless of size, were $5 each.

The massive hay tower in the middle of the pumpkin patch became a rest stop for those carrying their pumpkins, as well as one of the most visited locations for photos.

“I live across the street at the Village and when I saw that people were gathering here I walked over to see what was going on,” said Janelle Cano, a fourth-year animal science student. “I’m really glad I did because it’s the first real view of fall that I’ve seen. There are so many pumpkins to choose from that by the end of tonight I’ll likely have bought at least three.”

As the sun began to set, many students made their way towards the Farm Store where there was face painting and guessing games.

Others headed towards the Visitors Center and participated in painting and carving pumpkins.

Students began to channel their fall spirit in different ways when it came to the final product.

Those who decided to paint their pumpkins appeared to be inspired by the season of fall with leaves, bare trees and scarecrows.

For those who decided to carve their pumpkins, they went the Halloween route instead.

Spiders, skulls, bats and the classic Jack O’ Lantern carvings were all illuminated by cell phones to showcase the full effect of their project.

If those activities were not entertaining enough, students had the option to wander through the corn maze and visit the petting zoo.

Several students waited until night fell to go through the maze for their own amusement.

This year, the corn maze was expanded, which made the task of getting out scarier and much more difficult.

Students who visited the petting zoo were happy to find goats, sheep and rabbits.

The small animals allowed students to de-stress and interact with animals they typically do not get to be around.

Jessica Mangune, a fourth-year food and nutrition student and former BEAT member decided to attend the event this year.

“Last year when I was part of ASI BEAT, I helped with the behind the scenes and setup of this event,” said Mangune. “I wanted to see how the new BEAT team was doing, and I’m especially glad for them that this event was such a success.”

After students had partaken in all the activities that were available, many went to the back of the Visitors Center and ended their night with a live musical performance.

“I saw posters around campus promoting this event, which is why I decided to attend,” said Lauren Powell, a fourth-year animal science student. “I want to know what other events BEAT has up their sleeve for later in the school year because this event was a lot of fun.”

While Fall in the Farm and the Pumpkin Festival may now be over, it is not too late to get into the fall spirit at CPP.

The pumpkin patch will be open until Oct. 31 to enjoy some more fall fun.

Students congregated on the hay bales for photos

Chelsea Mazer / The Poly Post

Students congregated on the hay bales for photos

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