Halloween on a budget: A college student’s guide to DIY costumes

By Brenda Ruedas

Halloween is next month and it’s an exciting time because we get to dress up in our favorite costumes.

As we all know Halloween costumes can be pretty expensive and to be used once or twice can be kind of disappointing.

Then, most students have other expenses to pay and might be on a budget.

To have a memorable Halloween there is no need to purchase expensive costumes.

There are so many affordable and easy costumes you can create on your own without having to go over the budget.

Do It Yourself (DIY) costumes turn out to be the best option because they’re creative, unique, and most importantly inexpensive to create.

With this in mind, ladies here are some DIY affordable costume favorites that will impress everyone and are just extremely cute.

This costume is one of my favorites because it is so classy, elegant, and super easy to put together.

First, let me start with the hair tutorial to achieve Audrey’s similar look.

To achieve Audrey’s hair style all you will need is a hair donut bun shaper to create the up-do.

This hair donut bun shaper can be found in stores such as Walmart or H & M for less than three dollars. Also, use bobby pins to pin hair around the donut shaper.

Lastly, to finish the look add a small crown.

Now, to create Audrey’s costume you will only need a pair of long sophisticated black gloves that you can purchase at Party city or Joann fabrics and crafts store.

Then, use a black dress with a high neckline and it can be purchased at Forever 21 for $10.

Lastly, make sure you add a pearl necklace and a cigarette holder because they are very important components for the costume look.

As a matter of fact, you may purchase the necklace and cigarette holder from Party City.

For this costume I will demonstrate several different Beyonce looks that aren’t complicated to create.

Dressing up as Beyonce for Halloween is one of coolest ideas and plus you get to be the Queen B for one day.

First, let me start off with the easiest Beyonce Halloween costume which is based from the “Crazy in Love” music video.

This costume requires only three key components and they’re accessible to find at any clothing store. For this look you will need a white muscle tank top, denim shorts, and red high heels.

Also, make sure you use a straightener to get the same hair look Beyonce used in her video.

Another, Beyonce inspired Halloween Costume is the one she wore for her major hit music video “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”.

Even though this video is nine years old it continues to be one of the greatest music videos made by a female artist.

To recreate the “Single Ladies” outfit you will need a black leotard, small earrings, a bracelet, black high heels, and add volume to the top of the hair.

This last step is optional you may wear nude color dance tights if you do not want to reveal too much.

Now, the last inspired Beyonce Halloween costume is from her “Formation” music video.

This costume is so cool, fun, creative, and everyone will love it.

First, you will need to part your hair down the middle to create the two long Dutch signature braids.

To create them you can add clip-on extensions or use yarn in the color similar to Beyonce’s. hair color shown on the video.

Then, for the costume you will need a bunch of silver accessories. In the video Beyonce wears a very long chunky silver necklace with a chocker.

To recreate this look you will need a choker and may stack up huge chunky silver necklaces.

Also, add exaggerated silver bracelets and to finish it off use a black dress.

After, you will definitely be ready to get in formation and don’t forget to rock the burgundy lipstick.

Dressing up like Ariana Grande for Halloween is cute and very simple to create.

This is a great costume because she is very popular at the moment and you will not need to spend much.

The easiest Ariana Grande inspired Halloween outfit is the one she wore for her promo photo shoot for her song “Problem”.

To create this look you will need a black solid crop top and black shorts.

Also, you will need white heels and white high thigh socks to complete the look.

This costume is so cute, creative, fun and very affordable. Then, we get live in a Barbie world for a day.

First, to create the Barbie Box you will need a ruler, pink wrapping paper, a cardboard box big enough to fit in, pencils, scissors, tape, and print the Barbie and Mattel logo.

After, search online for Barbie box ideas to begin drawing the design.

Then, you will begin to cut the shape out but do it very carefully.

From there you will wrap the entire box and stick the logos on the front of the box.

As for the actual Barbie costume it is not necessary to wear pink.

In fact, you may wear any outfit as long as it is fashionable and well accessorized like Barbie.

I hope you ladies enjoyed some of my favorite DIY easy affordable Halloween costumes. Have an amazing and fun Halloween.

Halloween does not have to be expensive

Courtesy of Pexels

Halloween does not have to be expensive

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