Voting done, passions remain

By Alan Rivera

Donald Trump emerged the victor on Election Day and ensured his place as the 45th president of the United States. Mirroring the country, Cal Poly Pomona students are responding to his victory in different ways.

“I’m not too heartbroken because as a business owner, Trump’s policies of like taxes and stuff ” they kind of help me out,” said Jordan Diaz, a first-year transfer civil engineering student.

Trump’s economic policy proposals ” which include lowering taxes on businesses, re-negotiating free trade deals and bringing manual labor jobs back to the United States ” make Diaz, who is Mexican and the son of immigrants, believe the economy will thrive under Trump.

Diaz believes that many Americans grew weary of career politicians and a sluggish economy, which is what made Trump appealing. He credits Sec. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and ties to the Washington, D.C. political establishment for her loss.

Aiden Gibson, a first-year physics student, is in awe over Trump’s victory.

“I think he played the game well,” said Gibson. “He fed into emotion a lot and got people to vote impulsively.”

Gibson worries about the future of LGBT rights, as Trump’s thoughts toward the community remained ambiguous throughout the election cycle.

Gibson, however, believes that the forthcoming administration will be unable to keep many of Trump’s campaign promises, which included a ban on Muslim immigration, the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and the expulsion of undocumented immigrants.

The controversial policy prescriptions touted by Trump during the campaign cycle were tactics to attract voters to the Republican ticket, according to Gibson.

“I think he used those kind of promises to get elected,” said Gibson. “He played off of the feelings of many Americans who maybe hold anti-minority views or whatever biases someone may have. He played off biases to get a vote.”

Mario Rodriguez, a sixth-year international business marketing student and president of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlen, is consumed by fear and shame in the wake of Trump’s victory.

“I didn’t know how racist my country was until this election,” said Rodriguez. “This election is the point that took the mask off of this evil that was there.”

Rodriguez feels that Trump’s rise to power was fueled by hate and now believes that the country is divided. Rodriguez also believes Trump’s victory will afford Americans the opportunity to bind together and address racism.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re Mexican”It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of the LGBT community. It doesn’t matter if you’re disabled. But you have to find a way to unite our country together and bring it back to a whole, instead of it being two separate entities because love trumps over anything,” said Rodriguez.

Alongside other student groups, Rodriguez is trying to find ways to bring people together.

University President Soraya M. Coley released a statement on Thursday following the election result. Coley acknowledged that the country faces a period of uncertainty but called for dialogue rooted in respect to find common ground.

Trump carried 290 electoral votes on Election Day, while Clinton carried 228. Clinton, however, received 47.8 percent of the popular vote, while Trump received 47.3 percent, according The New York Times.

Cal Poly Pomona students exercise voting rights on Election Day

Albert Muro / The Poly Post

Cal Poly Pomona students exercise voting rights on Election Day

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