Valley Boulevard now closed to commuter students

By Miranda Holguin

Students will no longer be able to park on Valley Boulevard or in the neighborhood located on the northwest side of the Cal Poly Pomona campus.

In an effort to prevent students from overflowing residential parking areas, parking on the street is prohibited from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Residential permits are required to park on the streets of what is referred to as the Kellogg Neighborhood.

This change comes in response to complaints from affected residents. Many of them expressed frustration at an inability to find parking in their neighborhood. There were also several reports of students disrupting the neighborhood.

Ronald Chan, an employee of the Pomona Public Works Department, said the excessive student parking disrupted trash pick-up and street sweeping and students reportedly disposed of litter on the streets.

Complaints from residents prompted a proposal to establish a preferential parking district. The proposal was approved by the Pomona City Council last week. Chan said the permitted parking is going to be issued in phases.

It has been enforced on Santez Road, Empress Road, Omar Street, Lancer Avenue, Albona Place and a section of Valley Boulevard.

Each resident was issued two permanent permits and two permits for guests. If students are found parking without a residential permit, a citation will be issued. If students continue to migrate to other streets, the preferential parking district will expand as needed.

“I personally never had any problem with students parking on Valley and in that neighborhood, but it was disappointing to see some trash along the walkway on regular basis,” said Kyle Haddock, a Kellogg Neighborhood resident.

Haddock also stated that there is an identifiable parking problem that should be addressed.

“I haven’t observed any noticeable positive or negative changes in the neighborhood since the implementation of the parking passes, other than seeing the parking enforcement more often,” said Haddock. “CPP should be doing more to make more accessible parking because now all the students that parked in that neighborhood will end up in already crowded CPP parking.”

To help mitigate the effects of impacted parking, CPP opened a new student parking structure at the beginning of the school year.

Many students are still concerned about how the lack of parking on Valley will affect the parking situation. Valley was commonly used to avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot or to simply evade paying parking fees.

“The fact that we can’t park on Valley anymore only makes the parking situation worse,” said Danny Davila, a fifth-year mechanical engineering student.

“It doesn’t help that we lost the faculty and one-hour parking lot near the library either. Since CPP has also allowed in even more students than last year, everyone who used to park off Valley and take the [Cal Poly Shuttle] has to resort to circling around the campus, thus adding to the already existent traffic congestion.”

Permits required to park on Valley Boulevard

Eviana Vergara / The Poly Post

Permits required to park on Valley Boulevard

Parking permits on Valley Boulevard

Eviana Vergara / The Poly Post

Parking permits on Valley Boulevard

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