Poly-Kroma showcases student artwork

By Leydy Rangel Perez

Cal Poly Pomona’s art department graduating students showcased their best work at Industry Night last Tuesday as part of the Poly-Kroma series.

Poly-Kroma hosts events for art students to come together and showcase the best of their work before graduation. The event brought together the best art from the department and the majors of fine arts, art history and graphic design. Poly-Kroma began on May 23rd and will conclude June 12.

Industry Night took place in the Kellogg Art Gallery where seniors had the opportunity to meet and speak to industry professionals in their fields of interest.

“This is a way to promote all of the different components the art department has to offer,” said Michele Cairella Fillmore, curator of the W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery and the Huntley Art Gallery. “What we have is Poly-Kroma as this big umbrella and under this umbrella there are different events.”

The event brought in many professionals in the field of graphic design and art from which students were able to speak with and take advice from.

“From this event CPP students with their degree and experience of graphic design can walk in to a job; that’s the hope and expectation,” said Fillmore.

Industry night encouraged art students to have a resume prepared while they showcased their best work as part of their learning outcome from their time at CPP.

“These portfolios, it’s their blood, sweat, tears, their soul, their body their mind, all thrown into one,” said Fillmore.

The event had a more than 50 student participants with portfolios on display alongside their business cards and other gifts to hand out to professionals.

“Symbolically, this is the end of all their hard work,” said Fillmore. “When it comes to the arts, walking away with a degree, that piece of paper is valuable but walking away with a portfolio where you can show off all of the things that you’ve learned, that’s what gets you the job; it goes hand in hand with getting the diploma. It sets you off for your career, for your future.”

All of the art on display at the location, including the design of posters, invitations and website were created by graduating graphic design students.

“Its incredibly rewarding to to see all of our hard work and seeing all of the things that we installed,” said Tyler Stewart, Poly-Kroma Coordinator, and senior graphic design student. “We worked with a lot of students to get everything together.”

Stewart said he had a mixture of nervousness and excitement seeing all of his work put together.

“Its really exciting seeing the students come in and seeing industry professionals that we are getting to talk to and seeing students hand out their resume and business cards. It’s what we’ve been working for the past few months so it’s really exciting that it’s finally here,” said Stewart.

Students who participated in the event were on their own throughout most of the process of creating the events and only received small advice from the department.

Kathryn Izquierdo-Gallegos a graphic design student who showcased her work at the event described it as a time of collaboration, creativity and fun.

“It’s cool to see students do cool things” said Izquierdo-Gallegos. “It’s not just faculty doing all the work; its students making cool things happen.”

Many students were especially excited to have the opportunity to speak to professionals in their field and get potential jobs in the art industry.

I’m really happy,” said Izquierdo-Gallegos. “Its cool to see everything come together and to interact with the industry people; that’s the point, they come and make collaborations for potential jobs.”

As part of their learning outcome, students contributed to create the art and layout of the Kellogg Art Gallery and created visuals that included modern tables, gigantic pencils hanging from the ceiling and interesting pathways to lead guests.

For Izquierdo-Gallegos, the biggest accomplishment of the night was seeing the conceptualizations of ideas turn into reality.

“Everything here started as an idea so its cool to see ideas manifest into something physical that other people can experience too including the creator,” said Izquierdo-Gallegos. “That’s like the whole fun of art and design. In other industries it is not possible to do that” to have the opportunity and privilege to make what you think.”

Poly-Kroma 2016

Courtesy Poly-Kroma

Poly-Kroma 2016

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