College of Science hosts research symposium

By Elaine DeLeon

Cal Poly Pomona’s Science Research Symposium returned for the 11th year, and people attended the symposium on Friday to observe the work of senior research projects.

Supported by both the California Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program as well as the College of Science, students had the opportunity to display their projects for all to see at the symposium.

“I think this will really encourage them when it comes to presenting their findings and show how long their research has gone,” said Jordan Lin, one of the students from the College of Science who helped set up the event.

Various departments from the College of Science were represented during the event.

Programs such as LSAMP; Science Educational Enhancement Services; and CPP’s Residential Intensive Summer Education program each had students at the symposium who showcased their projects.

“It was the end of winter quarter when my organic chemistry professor came up to me and told me about his lab and that he had a project for me, so I started working on it,” said Stephanie Salas, a fourth-year chemistry student who presented her project at the symposium.

Projects from over 400 engineering and science students were displayed during the event.

“We know a lot of the students who are displaying things are really proud of what they do,” said Ian Carlson, an academic advisor for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. “It’s great opportunity to show these people all the hard work that they’ve done.”

It is also seen as an end of the year send off towards all the seniors who are graduating at the end of the quarter.

There was also a showcase that had seven presentations featuring senior projects, each from a different engineering department.

According to Frank Ewers, the associate vice president for research at the Office of Research, the purpose of the event was to help give students experience presenting their projects in public and teach them how to communicate what they are all about.

“The event itself is practicing communicating about what you did and the work that they did for the projects is an accomplishment that can come up in job interviews. ” This is experience is helpful and can add to their resume,” said Ewers.

“As students of the College of Science we have to start getting used to communicating science to others both in our field and outside of our field,” said Francisco Mercado, a third-year physics and astronomy student who was one of the many students that presented their projects during the event.

After the event the students’ posters were displayed in the halls of the College of Science building, taken back for students to use later for job applications or use to further the students research.

Students were excited to be part of the event and have the opportunity to explain their projects.

“It’s really nice to be able to present all the research we’ve been doing for many months so it gives you like a sense of accomplishment as well as an end goal,” said Andrew Garcia, a fourth-year transfer geology student who created his project with his academic advisor.

College of Science research symposium

Elaine Deleon / The Poly Post

College of Science research symposium

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