Adulting 101 workshops level up students

By Andres Torres

Cal Poly Pomona’s Bronco Events and Activities Team hosted Adulting 101, its first career-oriented event, on March 8 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The workshop was a first for the student-led organization, designed to create an atmosphere that encouraged students to explore various services and classes CPP has to offer to prepare students for their futures.

“Students can get resources that would help them in the transition to adulthood,” said ASI BEAT Programming Chair Brenda Calderon.

Students were able to speak with various organizations that offered information on health, safety and other responsibilities that are associated with adulthood. With organizations like Campus Recreation, the College of Business income tax preparation group, Career Center and Health and Wellness Center in participation, students were able to obtain a variety of information through small workshops.

Attendees were able to learn basic adult skills such as doing their own taxes, how to properly jump-start their cars, basic mental and physical sustainment and ways to get a jump start on summer internships.

Drawing a small crowd of workshop participants, BEAT officials offered a multitude of services and encouraged students to involve themselves in the workshops. Attendees perused a variety of tabled organizations and collected information.

“There was a little aspect of a workshop, but it wasn’t a major workshop [event] that I was expecting,” said BEAT Programming Chair Miranda Vazquez.

With the event taking place in the Bronco Student Center’s Ursa Minor, the event drew less of an expected crowd, according to Vazquez. Feeling the event would have succeeded more in an outdoor setting to complement the offered workshops, BEAT officials were ultimately pleased to have students learn anything about what it meant to be an adult.

“For now, we are going to be leaving the ‘adulting’ and career stuff to the career center,” said Vazquez.

With the Career Center being at the forefront of preparing students for the future jobs and responsibilities that come with graduating, BEAT stepped out of its comfort zone to help students gain skills from services that weren’t typically offered by the Career Center.

Since more students where interested in the guest speaker than any other offered service, most students sat patiently until noon. to hear the secrets of surviving adulthood from a successful adult. Local poet and speaker Arielle Estoria began her speech with reassuring words and a realistic attitude towards the life beyond college.

“Don’t be afraid if the plans you so meticulously scheduled out don’t happen because 99 percent of the time they don’t happen,” said Estoria.

Energetic and conversational, Estoria spoke about the fear and expectations that come with adulthood and the importance of not being fixated on the predetermined expectation of what it means to be an adult.

“The moment that you allow yourself to be okay and stop being so afraid of failing is the moment where you get to show up in a world and let life happen to you in the most beautiful way,” said Estoria.

Using well-received examples of poetry and other publications, Estoria conveyed the hardships and uncertainty adulthood brings, along with a chaos that she implored the next generation of adults to embrace. Emphasizing and relaying her times of hardship and failure, she reiterated the idea that it is OK to struggle and fail but to not let that deter us from succeeding.

After her speech, Estoria spent some of her time speaking with various students who had further questions or just wanted to talk about their life experiences. Creating open dialogue with her attendees, Estoria was able to give everybody a chance to learn from her experiences one-on-one.

Although students began to depart after Estoria’s motivational speech, subsequently ending the event an hour early, it made available the basic tools necessary to become a functioning adult with the help of other CPP organizations.

“I wasn’t sure if [the event] was going to be more taxes and finances or if it was going to be on life direction, [it] turned out to be more on life direction, which I was perfectly fine with,” said Robert Koa, a fourth-year electrical engineering student.

Adulting 101

Andres Torres / The Poly Post

Adulting 101

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