New Facebook page dedicated to ‘douchebag’ parking

By Victoria Kernen

“Douchebag” parkers at Cal Poly Pomona beware: there is a Facebook page dedicated to you and your unflattering parking skills.

As of January 2016, a student who wishes to stay anonymous finally had enough with parking spots gone to waste because of the “douchebag” parking skills of other students, who either take up two spots or park where they are not supposed to.

The Facebook page received 300 followers within two days of being reposted by another Facebook page that was related to CPP. It has continued collecting followers over the course of the past two months.

With a strong following of 375 Facebook users, the “CPP Douchebag Parking” community page allows CPP students to send in photos of “douchebag” parkers and allows students to passive-aggressively call them out.

“A lot of us are too nice to say anything,” said the creator of the Facebook page. “This is a way for people to vent passive-aggressively without having to go directly to the drivers themselves.”

Double parking, or just plain bad parking, does not help the parking situation faced by commuting students, according to the creator of the Facebook page.

“We are already having trouble finding parking,” said the creator of the Facebook page. “If someone is taking up a bunch of parking spots just for themselves, you know you got to say something.”

There are more students than there are parking spots, and with the new parking structure still a quarter and a half away from opening, students need to be more mindful about double parking, or being inconsiderate, according to the creator of the Facebook page.

“We are not actively [pursuing bad parking], but if [students] are on their way and catch something, then that is usually what [is posted],” said the creator of the Facebook page.

Joanna Sells, a first-year hospitality management transfer student, enjoys the fact that there is a page dedicated to the “douchebag” parkers of CPP.

“I think it’s funny how someone took the time to make such a page,” said Sells. “But yes, I feel annoyed when people park like that.”

Not only is it annoying to CPP students like Sells, but it also makes them look like they do not care about their fellow students.

“They give off a vibe like they don’t [care], and I don’t know who they are and if they are, but that’s the vibe they give when they park like that,” said Sells.

Jenwinn Baltazar, an electrical engineering student, believes that the page is a good way to make other commuters aware.

“I think the page is funny but at the same time helpful,” said Baltazar. “It’s not meant to [shame] anyone but to make [them] more aware so that they park in a more considerate manner.”

Students should not feel wary about sending in photos of cars, since the page does not pose a threat to the bad drivers by blurring out their cars’ license plates.

“I like that the license plates are also blurred to protect the identities of students on campus,” said Baltazar.

Are there penalties for bad parkers besides getting their cars posted on a Facebook page? Yes. Parking & Transportation Services penalizes drivers who decide to take up more than one spot.

According to PTS’ “Parking Fees and Citations” page, double parking has a fee of $58, $10 more than if a student is parking without a permit.

With the mere $10 difference, getting the word out about the Facebook page will help provide justice to CPP’s “douchebag” parkers ” even if it is in a passive-aggressive manner.

CPP Douchebag Parking

Courtesy of CPP Douchbag Parking

CPP Douchebag Parking

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