Dying duck pond fish still a mystery

By Jessica Wang

Something fishy appears to be going on in Cal Poly Pomona’s duck pond near the Residence Halls along University Drive, as the amount of fish is sinking by the day.

Located outside of freshman housing’s La Cienega Center, the small pond is home to many fish, turtles, ducks and other wildlife.

According to recent student accounts, the fish are dying by rather large quantities, and it is something that has been apparent, for several weeks, to students that have walked by.

Satwinder Thiara, a second-year mechanical engineering student, acknowledged the diminishing amount of fish and marveled at the conspicuous difference in water quality since his first year on campus.

According to Thiara, the water was once a “lime green” hue, and it was clearer last year.

So what exactly is going on with the fish? While a feasible solution has not yet been established or posited by the university, there have been numerous theories rooted solely in hearsay.

Richard Farmer, manager of Landscape and Auto Shop Services at Facilities Management, oversees the department responsible for maintaining the area around the pond.

According to Farmer, unlike the pond at the Aratani Japanese Garden beside the CLA Building, the pond isn’t artificial. It’s been around for longer than he could remember.

Farmer theorized that the problem might be attributed to the synthetic placement of the animals. He’s heard that “people would dump these animals there.”

One prevalent theory emerged among the various agricultural and water systems experts consulted: the decomposition of waste left by the various animals may be leaving detrimental nutrients in the water, depriving the fish of adequate oxygen.

Could this possibly be why the fish are dying? Perhaps we’ll enlist the help of David Fincher and Ben Affleck for the film adaptation of their lives: Gone Gill.

Dying fish

Adrian Danganan / The Poly Post

Dying fish

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