UHS opens Residence Halls to more students

By Melina Orantes

This school year the Residence Halls at Cal Poly Pomona opened their doors to some returning students.

University Housing Services had some additional spaces at the Residence Halls, which are primarily offered to freshmen, and it was able to offer spaces to students who were looking for on-campus housing.

“For the first time, we had students assigned to spaces in the traditional Residence Halls. [Students] ” decided not to attend Cal Poly Pomona and, therefore, created open spaces,” said Reyes Luna, interim executive director of University Housing Services, via email. “Once we were able to confirm these students were not attending Cal Poly Pomona, we were able to offer spaces to returning students still looking for housing. If there are students looking for housing, and we have space available, we will work with the student requesting housing to provide all options.”

UHS assigns a majority of freshmen to the Residence Halls for a variety of reasons. Luna pointed out that these halls are tailored to freshman to help them adjust to their new surroundings.

“These halls provide greater opportunities to build community among their peers and allow freshmen to connect with other freshmen going through a similar college experience (new to the campus, getting involved within their community and campus, taking part in College Theme Communities, etc”),” said Luna via email.

The on-campus housing options UHS offers students are the Residence Halls, University Suites, and the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies. The rooms in the Residence Halls are assigned to freshman first, leaving the University Suites and the Lyle Center primarily for transfer students, returning residents, and when there is room, a few first-time freshmen.

The Residence Halls are comprised of smaller more community-based atmospheres. Students share amenities, such as kitchenettes, with over 212 students. The University Suites have a wide-spread design. The suites offer privacy within units, with two to four bedrooms per unit. The Lyle Center can house up to 20 residents in its dormitories and is open to all graduates and upper division students; it offers many of the same amenities as the Residence Halls and University Suites.

Although these housing options take into account students’ class standings, it is done so in order to find adequate housing to serve their needs. The news of availability in the Residence Halls did spark some interest in a few returning students.

“The Residence Halls were more interactive than it is here at the [University] Village, but you do get a lot more space here [at the University Village]. It’s kind of a trade off,” said Mitchell Duran, a third-year mechanical engineering student. “It was a good experience; If I could do it again, I would if I got the chance to.”

Some students do not see a problem with integrating the Residence Halls.

“I don’t think it matters. Being in a place like [the Residence Halls] where the doors are all open, it’s pretty inviting ” especially if you’re new to school. It kind of makes you a little more comfortable, I think,” said Duran.

Granted that UHS gives freshmen priority when assigning the Residence Halls, it made sure to open the halls’ doors to all students who are looking to reside on campus.

“If there is space, and the returning student has an interest to live in the traditional Residence Halls, we will discuss with the student if this is an option for them,” said Luna via email.

CPP does its best to offer housing opportunities for students who are interested. Being that this demand has increased over the years, CPP is on its way to build additional on-campus housing.

The estimated completion of the new housing facilities is fall 2019, so currently, students have four housing options.

“I would consider it for sure. If I had to choose between the village, suites or the Residence Halls, the Residence Halls would be in my top two, I’d say,” said Duran.

Residence Halls

Courtesy of Cal Poly Pomona

Residence Halls

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