ASI starts new year with campaign promises in mind

By Izbel Torres

Four months after being elected Cal Poly Pomona’s Associated Students, Inc. president and vice president respectively, Julian Herrera and Diana Ascencio are staying true to their campaign promises.

“When we were campaigning, we talked to many people, and the biggest issues that student organizations found was that there wasn’t enough visibility of the organizations to the student population,” said Ascencio, a fourth-year management and human resources student. “One of the things that we plan on doing is club fairs.”

Herrera and Ascencio are working to establish quarterly two-day club fairs to increase the visibility of organizations to students who transfer mid-way through the academic year or are not always on campus.

“We were initially thinking of doing one-day [club fairs],” said Ascencio. “[But] from talking to other ASI student leaders from Fullerton, they told me that they do a two-day thing. [This way] we get more students [to come] because it is not fair to think that everyone will come on a Tuesday or everyone will come on a Wednesday.”

Ascencio has already begun preparations for club fairs set to occur during winter and spring quarters by reserving spaces inside and outside the Bronco Student Center, contacting the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers and contacting the Bronco Events and Activities Team.

Some students seemed to like the idea of holding club fairs throughout the year rather than once every fall.

“I have a friend who commutes often,” says Dominique Reese, a fifth-year marketing student. “She’s mentioned that she never joins clubs because she’s doesn’t really find out about them. I think this will help a lot of new students.”

With other projects, Herrera and Ascencio are working to help support underrepresented students and are investigating different campus communities to help boost the graduation rate.

“There are certain populations on campus that have a higher graduation rate than other populations on campus,” said Herrera, a fifth-year public relations student. “So we are going to try, through the Graduation Initiative Steering Committee, to see what the problem is in terms of maybe it’s because we have a lack of resources for those underrepresented students.”

Herrera is currently in contact with the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education, which has done research on undocumented students and their retention and graduation rates.

“We’re really starting those conversations early right now,” said Herrera. “So when that committee meets, we can have [a] ‘Well from what we’ve found out, this is something we can start to do’ [conversation].”

With the intention of making themselves visible and available to students who wish to communicate their concerns, Herrera and Ascencio will attend and table at on-campus events.

“Student government is here to represent the students at large,” said Ascencio. “We are the voice for the students, and there’s always room for improvement within ourselves and for the university.”

Some students appreciate that Herrera and Ascencio are eager to hear directly from students so early in the academic year.

“I like that they are making themselves available to students,” said Margarita Delgado, a fifth-year management and human resources student. “I think it’s good that they keep communication open to all students.”

In order to serve students better, Herrera and Ascencio are making themselves available to all students via email, phone, and in-person at the Student Government office located in the BSC.

“Students should take an initiative in terms of talking to student government,” said Herrera. “[They should] let us know what they think is a critical issue, let us know what they’re feeling or what their concerns are.”

To schedule a personal meeting with Herrera or Ascencio, contact Vicki Johnson at (909) 869 ” 3638 or the Student Government office in the BSC.

ASI President and Vice President

Izbel Torres / The Poly Post

ASI President and Vice President

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