ASI student government candidates introduced

By Corey Kleinsasser

The Cal Poly Pomona student body met its 2015-16 student government candidates for the first time in a panel hosted by the Associated Students, Inc. Elections Committee.

The candidate panel was held on Thursday in University Park during U-Hour. Students were able to submit questions to candidates. The elected offices include president and vice president, a senator for each of the university’s eight colleges, and senators-at-large for the Greek, Inter-Hall, Multicultural, and Student Interest councils.

This year’s most competitive offices are president and vice president, with four tickets.

Fourth-year public relations student Julian Herrera is one of the four candidates running for ASI president. Running for ASI vice president alongside Herrera is fourth-year management and human resources student Diana Ascencio.

If elected, Herrera wants to stay true to being the representative of CPP students.

“I feel that some of the presidents and vice presidents selected lose that touch with students, and that’s something Diana and I really don’t want to happen,” said Herrera.

Herrera believes that he and Ascencio have a strong chance of winning the election.

“Since we’ve been involved in leadership, we have seen the struggles that clubs, organizations and even students have gone through, in terms of, feeling what ASI has done for them,” said Herrera. “That’s something we really want to change.”

At first, Herrera was going to run for Multicultural Council president. After a conversation with Ascencio, he decided to run for ASI president. Herrera asked Ascencio to run alongside him, even though she wanted to run for Multicultural Council senator-at-large.

“I decided to take the riskier thing,” said Ascencio. “It’s more beneficial for me and the students, as I have been involved on campus since my first year and this is the next step for us.”

The two already have ideas on how to expand to a wider audience at CPP. Ascencio said that they want to do meet-and-greets every other week during U-Hour in a heavy traffic area, in addition to other ideas.

“Another thing that was brought up to us is to not have only one club fair with all of the organizations at the beginning of the year for BroncoFusion, but have one each quarter because there’s students that come to Cal Poly, not only in the fall, but in the other quarters,” said Ascencio.

One of the tickets that Herrera and Ascencio are facing is presidential hopeful Orlando Smith, a fourth-year sociology student, and his running mate Edgar Rodriguez, a fourth-year engineering technology student.

Smith believes that he is qualified to be ASI president because he has been involved in many activities while at CPP. Smith has been a resident advisor at the University Village for two years, as well as a sprinter on the track and field team for three years.

“I just really want to get students excited about ASI and really get them involved on campus,” said Smith. “For me and my vice president [candidate] Edgar, what we want to do is encourage campus involvement. We feel like a lot of students may not really know about the events that are going on in ASI, or they may not be excited for the events.”

Smith and Rodriguez agree on many ideas for their campaign strategy. They feel that many of those running are doing it for all the right reasons.

“These candidates and us do it for them so we could improve the school in any given way possible, and we’ll use our capabilities in doing so,” said Rodriguez. “Students should definitely get involved more.”

Fabian Velez, a second-year political science student, attended the event and believes that students benefit from attending. He also added what candidates should do to win the elections.

“They just have to put themselves out there so people can understand them,” said Velez. “I’ve seen a few of them at club meetings and at a couple of events, but I think it’s really about showing their face around campus. We have different sports events that they can attend, ASI sponsored events, anything during U-Hour, or just take advantage of any opportunity they can.”

Online voting is open May 18-21, and election results will be announced May 22. All information on candidates can be found at or The Poly Post will be publishing profiles of the president and vice president tickets in the coming weeks.

ASI elections

Jairo Pineda / The Poly Post

ASI elections

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