A look into club budgets

By Aaron Salazar

At Cal Poly Pomona, clubs provide the opportunity for students to get involved on campus and meet new people. But many people do not know that establishing these clubs is a lengthy process.

Clubs must first create a board of officers, complete the chartering process and be approved through their specified councils. Clubs do receive funding from their councils, but their original budgets may not be sufficient to fit their needs.

In the event that takes place, clubs can request additional funds from Associated Students, Inc. In order to request additional funds from ASI, clubs must submit a budget report.

“[Clubs] come to me [and] they turn in a mid-year budget request,” said fifth-year business administration student Fayz Ashker, who serves as ASI’s treasurer. “You cannot receive money from ASI without an approved budget.”

The submitted budget outlines the ways in which clubs plans to spend the additional money they are requesting from ASI. Once budgets are approved, ASI is open to funding any club across the campus.

“My job is to distribute the money to the clubs,” said Ashker. “We help out everybody. As long as you seek the help, we are willing to help. That’s what was slightly disappointing this past year. Budgets took a little longer than it should have, which kind of prolonged the process of funding clubs.”

ASI has a budget of roughly $1.4 million for the 2015-16 school year. Of that $1.4 million, roughly $100,000 is allotted for clubs on campus.

ASI has roughly $70,000 in the current budget, and plans to add an additional $29,000 later this year.

“We decided to put that money [additional $29,000] there cause it was left over from everyone’s request and the treasurers’ and presidents’ request, so we put it back into [New Programs and Augmentations] so we can give it back to the clubs,” said fourth-year biology student Chonlawan Khaothiemsang, ASI’s science senator. “[New Programs and Augmentations] is the only reserve that clubs get to utilize.”

Clubs need to be familiar with the ASI financial guidelines before requesting additional funding.

“[The guidelines] state that you cannot have more than $500 per person,” said Khaothiemsang. “If you are asking more than $2,500 it would go to our Senate for approval.

If it’s below $2,500 [the finance committee] can approve it.”

A club would need a majority vote from the senate or the finance committee in order to receive the funding. ASI is allowed to allocate up to $5,500 for each club requesting additional funding from them.

The Liberal Studies Club at CPP is currently in the process of requesting that additional $5,500 from ASI to help fund a club trip to teach English to middle school students in China July 3-26.

Club president Katie Petersen, who graduated in fall 2014 with a liberal studies degree and is currently pursuing her teaching credential, is responsible for requesting the extra funds from ASI.

The extra funds are to help offset the cost for the attending members and allow the club to bring proper resources with them.

“I started working on [requesting additional funds] in November,” said Petersen. “We were just talking with the ASI treasurer, kind of getting help on how to fill out [the] budget. It took a little while to get the information, which is why we are just barely getting into meetings.”

Petersen said the club is also looking for funding in other areas.

“We are going to go through the administrative fund to see if they can give us a little bit,” said Petersen. “They can go $200 per person up to $1,000. We’ve gone to our department and they have offered to give $100 per person, so $600 total.”

All of the requested funds are still pending.

For additional information on the club budgeting process, visit ASI’s official website.

Club Budgets

Monica Lopez / The Poly Post

Club Budgets

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