Comedian Kristina Wong shares her experiences with students

By Shelby Willard

Comedian Kristina Wong spoke at Cal Poly Pomona Thursday, hosted by the Asian and Pacific Islander Student Center.

The event was held in the Bronco Student Center and had about 100 people in attendance. Sandwiches, cookies and drinks were available for all attendees.

Wong, an artist and performer, used her comedic style of activism to present a series of projects she has participated in throughout her career.

A UCLA graduate and a third-generation Chinese American, Wong is most notorious for marrying herself and dressing up as a vagina during a pageant competition to advocate for women’s rights.

Eventgoers were curious about the event and what Wong was going to say.

“I hadn’t heard of Wong until my [Asian American Experience] class, but I’m interested in what is going to happen during the show,” said first-year business student Brian Kim.

Though she did not bring her costume, Wong did illustrate her ideas and projects through a series of slideshows that she cleverly named the 10 Rules of Wong.

One of Wong’s first projects was creating a fake public website in college. Creating a “mail order bride” website, she used her humor to educate the public on the legal prostitution of Asian-American women.

Despite numerous hate mail for her sometimes crude humor and blunt statements, Wong defended her actions.

“It’s a bit obnoxious, but it’s how I roll,” said Wong.

Over the course of her career, Wong has crashed pageant competitions, red carpet events and even started a Kickstarter campaign to fund her obsession with NBA star Jeremy Lin

and her hopes of one day marrying him.

Wong laughed at her “failure as a Chinese-American woman,” and explained that she has always used humor to illustrate her differences and feminist approach to societal issues.

“I was approaching the end of my fourth year of college, and I was frustrated that the people that I wanted to get my message to were not in the room,” said Wong.

So, Wong took a leap of faith and went with her gut.

“If you told me you’re going to be doing fake Kickstarters, chasing basketball players around, and doing crazy shows, I would have said, ‘What are you talking about?'” Wong said.

Wong explained that her stunts get her into a lot of trouble, but it is easier to plead for forgiveness than ask for permission.

Despite her sometimes controversial approach to tackling difficult topics, Wong is most proud of creating a show that looked at depression and suicide amongst Asian-American women.

She explained that the shows were emotional for her, but being able to perform them at various venues gives her the opportunity to see that she is not the only person that had struggled with the issue at hand.

Wong commented on her decision to be an entrepreneur and advised students to do the same.

“As an entrepreneur, when things are really harvesting, you get to say I made this, I grew this, now I can walk away from it,” said Wong. “There’s so much more pride and joy from it”

Elysia Ng, a third-year sociology student and a representative for the APISC helped put the show on. She was thrilled Wong was able to make an appearance at CPP.

“I was a bit surprised with the turnout,” said Ng. “The place was packed when I walked in.”

Kristina Wong

Jairo Pineda / The Poly Post

Kristina Wong

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