Why the college football playoffs suck

By Enrique Cervantes

I remember the exact date when I began to hate the Bowl Championship Series. It was back in 2005, and USC was having one of the most impressive seasons. Despite all of that and being undefeated, they weren’t selected to go to the BCS National Championship game.

That was the beginning of when people started to want a new system for college football. Every other sport had a playoff system that made it entertaining. Why didn’t college football?

When the College Football Playoff was announced in 2012 to begin for the 2014-15 season, I was ecstatic. We were finally getting the playoffs that we deserved.

The new system wasn’t perfect, of course. It was only going to be a four-team playoff, using the former BCS Bowls as the locations for the semifinals. I accepted it, knowing that it could always improve.

But then there was the announcement of the selection committee.

A 13-member committee would ultimately rank and decide the top four teams that would make it to the College Football Playoff.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Oh yeah, it’s the BCS with humans instead of a computer.

We didn’t truly escape the BCS. We just tweaked it a bit and gave it a new name. At the end of the day, it’s still the same system: just dressed up differently.

It really is a joke.

I understand that you want to rank teams and give some sort of order to them, and have some rationale as to why a certain makes it over another one. But how about we just go by best record? And if there’s a tie, then we rank by conference record.

Problem solved.

Or, to make it even more interesting, let’s just make five super conferences. There’s already the power five: Pac-12, Big 12, Big 10, SEC and ACC. Disband the smaller conferences and rename the power five to encompass all of the regions.

From there, the top two teams from each super conference move, giving you 10 teams. After that, take the next six best teams as the Wild Card teams. Bam, you’ve got 16 teams right there and a true playoff system.

Some people are content with the new system, seeing the actual National Championship game will be played for and not having the teams be selected. But, at the same time, we haven’t gotten away from the BCS.

The joke’s still on us.

Enrique Cervantes

Michael Torres / The Poly Post

Enrique Cervantes

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