I scream for camouflage ice cream

By Adrian Danganan

Baskin-Robbins has an odd-looking flavor this month.

The creamery has decided to play it festive for Veterans Day by introducing First Class Camouflage, their Flavor of the Month for November.

The flavor is a mix of the three deadly C’s of dessert: chocolate, caramel (salted, to be exact) and cake. Not too shabby for an ice cream flavor.

So, you’re probably wondering what’s so great about this flavor.

The ice cream’s aesthetics have the Internet buzzing. First Class Camouflage sports brown, green and tan hues. In other words, the sweet treat flaunts the same colors as a traditional camouflage pattern you’d use if you want to conceal yourself in the Amazon rainforest.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, Baskin-Robbins has crafted a specially made camouflage-patterned waffle cone and waffle bowl, which will surely hide your scoop of First Class Camouflage from potential onlookers.

The Internet exploded over the flavor a few days after it was announced. Surprisingly, it was well received, as users praised the flavor combination on the creamery’s official Facebook page. One user commented that the ice cream is so “well hidden” that no one will “see you eat it.”

If you ask me, I thought it had a bizarre look at first. I have a pair of shorts that look exactly like the ice cream. Could you imagine wearing something camo-patterned while indulging in a scoop of that?

Nonetheless, I decided to give the camouflaged flavor a chance. The verdict? The First Class Camouflage is nothing short of a trip down indulgence lane. The sinful chocolate, the rich salted caramel and the nostalgic cake flavor seriously make this ice cream a diet’s worst nightmare.

If you don’t believe me, ask the First Class Camouflage Layered Sundae offered by the establishment. It’s topped with fudge, caramel, Oreos and whipped cream. The cheat treat stands at 990 calories and 45 grams of total fat.

First Class Camouflage is offered in celebration of veterans this month. In fact, Baskin-Robbins plans on donating 10 cents of every ice cream scoop sold today to the United States Organizations, which supports U.S. troops, their families and veterans alike.

Because who doesn’t like a sweet treat that does double duty?


Michael Torres / The Poly Post


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