ASI candidates lone in running

By Gabrielle Peearanda

An open forum was held for the 2014 Associated Students Inc. candidates May 6 in University Park.

By this time last year, the walkways of Cal Poly Pomona were lined with the usual election campaign signs, but unlike previous years, little to no campaign signs have been seen around campus.

According to ASI Elections Committee member and second-year Political Science student Rosie Ortiz, candidates did most of their campaigning online this election season.

“[The candidates] were seeking more social media outlets instead of using paper”” said Ortiz. “It’s cheaper and environmentally friendly.”

Signs that were posted around campus informed passersby of events that the Elections Committee was holding to introduce candidates to the student population.

Although the open forum took place in one of the busiest locations on campus during U-Hour, only a few dozen people stayed to listen to the candidates answer questions.

The line for free pizza, however, was very long and disproportionate to the number of people who actually sat to watch the open forum.

Before getting their pizza, students wrote down questions for the candidates.

Questions from the audience ranged in levels of seriousness from the presidential candidate’s plan to increase student involvement to what exactly the candidates would do for a Klondike bar.

“I wouldn’t do anything for a Klondike bar because I don’t like them,” said Jai Oni Sly, College of Education and Integration Studies Senator candidate.

Sly is the incumbent SEIS senator, but is running for reelection. According to her statement of interest, Sly feels that after her year serving as SEIS senator, she hopes to be reelected so she can implement solutions to problems that she has observed this year.

Sly has no competitors for the SEIS senator position, but her distaste for Klondike bars was not well-received by those in attendance as many “Oohs” and an “Aw, burn” were heard from the audience.

Even the ASI president and vice president positions are lacking in competition this year.

The only team running for ASI President and Vice President is James Cox and Louis Harfouche.

As ASI leaders, the Cox-Harfouche team wants to increase school spirit and improve the relationship between ASI, college councils and clubs.

“We’d like to focus on the individuals that don’t get their voices heard,” said Harfouche.

He plans to establish a connection between campus associations with personal visits and feedback that will allow their opinions to be heard by such a large organization like ASI.

“[I would] get out there to learn what the students want and we can do this through polling the students, holding these open forums where students can come voice their opinions, and trying to gather information”so we can all get our voices heard,” said Cox when asked how he would best represent all students.

Student and organization collaboration was a popular issue at the open forum. Many questions from attendees were focused on how students can get more out of their college experience.

College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences Senator Candidate Jasmine Moore plans to organize events within CLASS that bring together all majors in support of the college.

“I have been involved with a variety of different clubs on campus that have helped shaped my profound adoration for this university,” said Moore in her statement of interest for the position.

If elected College of Science Senator, Ashlee Spradley plans to visit the different clubs and organizations in the College of Science as a way of reaching out to students.

College of Science Senator is one of three positions that has more than one team or person running for the position, the others being College of Agriculture Senator and Greek Council Senator.

Although some candidates do not have any competition, all candidates answered questions from the audience attempting to show their best intentions for running for office.

“We need to bring awareness to what unifies us, not separates us,” said Deena Wabah, candidate for Multicultural Council Senator, when asked how she would use her position to represent students.

All the candidates’ names and statements for candidacy are available on the ASI website. Voting for the 2014 ASI Election will end on Thursday, May 15.

ASI candidates lone in running

Michael Torres/The Poly Post

ASI candidates lone in running

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