Study Buddy pills do more harm than good

By Hazel Lopez

Some students have relied on caffeine and energy drinks when it comes to midterms or finals week in order to stay focused and stay up all night. Unfortunately, a majority of college students have taken drastic measures just to be able to study without any distractions and to be able to stay awake.

Today, several different universities are selling the “study buddy pill” in their bookstores as if it were a dispensable candy. The study buddy pills are cognitive enhancers that allow greater memory skills and attentional control. These pills are associated with Adderall and are used by physicians to treat patients with ADHD and ADD. The study buddy pill allows consumers to stay awake for long periods of time, consume a lot of information a night before an exam and boost concentration. The students have easy access to the pills since they are for sale at the bookstores, and they use it as a study tool.

Although it might come in handy when studying, it also can be a waste of time since it will allow you to focus on little things that might not matter. In general, these drugs are harmful for anyone who isn’t diagnosed with ADHD or ADD because they can be a health risk. These pills can increase your heart rate and blood pressure and even cause seizures. Although the study buddy pill might be beneficial to those who need to cram a night before an exam, all drugs have side effects.

Universities should not sell this drug because it’s dangerous and could cause death. Not only is it destructive, but it can cause students to become drug addicts in the long run. Students will get into the habit of relying on the study buddy pill for miniscule tasks. For example, some students might rely on it after college for their work duties and start taking it as if it were vitamins.

Universities should restrict the availability of selling the study buddy pill on campus. Not only is it unhealthy for students, but it’s also a disadvantage for other students who study the proper way. For example, if athletes are not allowed to take steroid supplements in order to enhance their physical activity why can students be allowed to take drugs in order to increase their performance?

The study buddy pills are harmful for any individual, and they shouldn’t be allowed on university campuses.

Study Buddy pills do more harm than good


Study Buddy pills do more harm than good

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