Open forum with chancellor to be held today

By Guillermina Rodriguez

California State University Chancellor Timothy White is visiting Cal Poly Pomona today and Wednesday to observe and interact with the campus community.

There will be an open forum today from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Bronco Student Center in Ursa Major where students and faculty are welcomed to meet with the chancellor.

Since his appointment as chancellor last fall, White has been scheduling formal visits to each of the 23 CSU campuses.

According to CSU Media Relations Specialist Erik Fallis, White has visited seven campuses so far.

“The chancellor [wants] to get a sense of what the various issues and unique aspects of each campus are that he can apply to system-wide policy,” said Fallis.

Fallis said the chancellor has been closely connected with college campuses since he was a student. White received his undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees, became a faculty member, administrator and finally chancellor of the University of California, Riverside before becoming chancellor of the CSU system.

“He has spent almost all of his time on college campuses,” said Fallis. “And it’s a little bit different at the CSU chancellor’s office, because we don’t have faculty or students who come to the chancellor’s office on a daily basis.”

Despite this fact, White has tried to maintain a connection with the campus communities.

“You’re going to see a lot of the chancellor trying to be active and present in the CSU community, not just here at the chancellor’s office,” said Fallis.

Fallis said White is doing these formal visits to all of the CSU campuses because he wants to have firsthand knowledge of the university system and he wants to bring everything he is learning from the campuses to influence decisions he makes on a system-wide level.

During today’s forum, White will listen to students’ and faculty’s concerns and questions.

“He’ll probably have a few things [to say], to kind of set a framework”to deal with issues that come up and just basically interact,” said Gary Means, chief of staff for CPP’s president’s office.

It is expected that White will have more interaction with students as he takes a tour of the campus and has lunch at Los Olivos Dining Commons.

“He’s really known for stopping and reaching out to students [at] any place and engaging in a conversation with them,” said Means.

During his two-day visit, White will be busy with back-to-back meetings with different organizations on campus.

Means said administrators want to show White what the university is doing and how the students are performing.

“The main purpose is to show off the university and show off the students and get him familiar with what this campus is about,” said Means.

White will also be meeting privately with ASI President Chris Osuala and his executive board today to discuss current issues and changes facing CPP.

“I think it’s an extremely important meeting that we’re having with the chancellor for us just to explain [to] him where we are coming from as far as Cal Poly [Pomona] is concerned, and how we feel about the issues that are taking place either on our campus or at the CSU system-wide level,” said Osuala.

Osuala and his board will be presenting various issues to White, such as funding to implement projects that would make CPP a more bike friendly campus, the issue of the 180 unit cap across most majors and the transition from quarter to a semester system.

Today’s open forum will allow students to voice their concerns and get answers straight from White.For those who cannot attend the event, it will be streamed and later archived for viewing.




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