Unique approach for Ward, Budisantoso

By Guillermina Rodriguez

If elected, Associated Students, Inc. presidential and vice presidential candidates, first-year master’s student for Public Administration Robert “Tommy” Ward and fourth-year Hotel and Restaurant Management student Justine Budisantoso, will try to build and reform ASI.

“Up until now, most candidacies come with, ‘We’re going to bring ASI to the students. We’re going to take ASI out of the BSC,'” said Ward. “And we actually take a different approach. We take the approach if you build it, they will come because right now, what we hear a lot from students is that ASI is this monolithic and intimidating thing.”

One of the issues they want to address is the chartering and budgeting process of clubs, which includes the My Bronco Activity Record, which is designed to help clubs keep track of club membership and involvement.

“We mention a lot in our presentations, the club chartering process as something that people are really frustrated with, especially in regards with myBAR,” said Budisantoso.

In order to make the chartering and budgeting process easier, Ward and Budisantoso want to collaborate with organizations and brainstorm a simplified and manageable plan.

“We want to make things easier [by] sitting down with the people in charge of these processes and looking at the process flow, and saying, ‘Look, how can we make this easier, how can we expedite [the process]?'” said Ward.

Ward has been involved in numerous organizations, such as E-boards and councils, on campus. He is currently the ASI Multicultural Senator-at-Large for ASI.

Budisantoso has been involved in various clubs as well. She has participated in Cal Poly Rose Float, Colleges Against Cancer and the Multicultural Council. She was also a resident hall advisor and currently is a tour guide on campus.

“We’re both fifth-years on campus and we have been active since we were first years, so combined it is 10 years of experience,” said Ward. “We’ve done pretty much everything here.”

Even though Budisantoso has not been in ASI with a leadership title, she has worked with ASI through her involvement in other organizations.

“All clubs and organizations at one point or another have to get in contact with ASI, whether it’d be for funding, looking to go to conferences, things of that nature,” said Budisantoso. “Working with Colleges Against Cancer, we had to work with the BEAT side, having to rent out rooms within the BSC, and get things printed by Gas [Creative Group], I’ve had contact with all the different sections.”

They believe their experience on campus through their involvement is a prefect match for what is needed to be ASI president and vice president.

“We’re so connected on campus that going into ASI as president and vice president, it’s an easy transition for us because we’re not on a learning curve,” said Ward.

Sophie Martini, a fourth-year psychology student, has worked closely with Ward and Budisantoso for two years and can attest to Ward and Budisantoso’s drive to make CPP better.

“I’ve never met two more passionate people about this school,” said Martini. “They want to make the school a better place. They’re both good listeners, which I think is a really good quality in a leader.”

Martini said they are two people who want to hear what the students have to say and they will work with them to resolve any issues.

“The way we are approaching this is we’re going to make ASI easier for the general student,” said Ward. “Students shouldn’t look at ASI and get aggravated, because ASI is students serving students, and if students are too scared to get involved, then we’re not really serving students.”

Ward and Budisantoso, if elected, will try to make ASI more welcoming, because they want students to feel encouraged to get involved.

“We’re not here to dictate, we want to help the majority of students and that’s through student involvement, the clubs,” said Ward.

This duo stressed that if they are elected, they want there to be cooperation between ASI and student organizations on campus.

“ASI is about 30 people and 30 people can come up with some great ideas, but ” we have 300 clubs on this campus that can come up with even better ideas,” said Ward. “So when we talk about new programs, we want our administration to seek out these programs to augment them and to encourage people to come up with these things.”

Ward and Budisantoso want to focus on working and growing the resources ASI already has and let the students know that ASI is a resource center where organizations are welcomed to voice their ideas and plans.

“It’s not so much about putting new things, but encouraging and trying to grow the things we do have,” said Budisantoso.


Patrick Liang/The Poly Post


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