Razzak, Graves call for campus enrichment

By Guillermina Rodriguez

Third-year business student Aisha Razzak and second-year political science student Devon Graves are running for Cal Poly Pomona’s Associated Students, Inc. president and vice-president positions.

If elected, Razzak and Graves will “enRICH” student experiences through resources, involvement, collaboration and hearing fellow Broncos’ opinions.

“Webelieve these are the four elements to success that you need here atCal Poly Pomona if you want to be successful and really enrich your Bronco experience here,” said Razzak.

Razzak and Graves are no strangers to leadership and the requirements needed in ASI.

Currently, Razzak is ASI Bronco Events and Activities Team secretary of programs and services, and Graves has served as ASI attorney general since fall 2012.

“I have a strong programing background [and am] always coming up with ideas and something fresh for the students and what the students want,” said Razzak. “As secretary of programs and services, I advocate for what students want to see on campus.”

Both candidates have been involved with multiple organizations on campus outside of ASI.

Razzak has experience with Orientation Services, Alpha Lambda Delta and is a member of the Kellogg Honors College.

Graves has also been involved with the University Housing Services and the Bronco Athletics Association.

Both candidates have different experiences that complement each other. Graves currently deals with policy issues as attorney general, while Razzak coordinates events, programs and services for students.

“We believe that with our different perspectives, webasically make the perfect match for ASI,” said Razzak. “We bring two different sides that, when combined together, have a really strong vision for ASI.”

Graves said the difference in their experiences is what is needed to run for student government and to represent the students.

“[Razzak] oversees BEAT and she really knows how to manage a team and you really need that in a president, especially when you are managing a cabinet,” said Graves. “And I think, for me, as ASI vice president, I’ll be chairing the Senate and because I know all the rules and policies that go with ASI ” it will be much easier to work with the senators to move our corporation forward.”

BEAT Outreach Chair and second-year Communication student Pamela Xue said she enjoys working with Razzak.

“I really admire her, so working with her is such a great pleasure,” said Xue. “She makes it so personable and she makes you feel at ease, so you’re comfortable coming to her with any issues or problems.”

If elected, Xue said Razzak and Graves would take ASI to the next level.

“They can push Cal Poly Pomona to not only make ASI more rounded, but make the whole campus come together,” said Xue.

To move ASI forward, Razzak and Graves have many ideas they would implement, if elected. One of these ideas is having weekly videos, like CPP President Michael Ortiz’s video messages, to create more visibility between ASI and the students.

“You hear from President Ortiz every week, but why don’t you know what’s going on in ASI?” said Razzak. “We want to change that. We want to let you know what’s going on. We want you to stay here. We don’t want you to [just] go to class and go back home; that’s not what college is about.”

Razzak and Graves also want to get students more involved and excited to be a part of CPP.

“Another event we have planned to do is a campus-wide charity event,” said Graves. “Everyone is doing all these different causes andI think if we came together as a university we could do a lot more. We want to show that not only does ASI student government cares, but Cal Poly [Pomona] cares. We want to give back not only to our community, but to things that are going on around the world.”

Both candidates want to reach out to as many students as possible and really engage them in different things so they know that ASI is more than just programs and events.

“We really want people to know what’s going on and voice their opinion,” said Graves. “We want [students] to know where our office is [and] how to get in touch with us.”

Razzak and Graves, if elected, would be available to hear students’ concerns and ideas, and at the same time let the students know what ASI is doing.

“We don’t want to be the student leaders that are stuck in the office worried about those issues,” said Graves. “We want to take them out to the student. We want them to know they are involved and are a part of [ASI].”

This duo cannot stress enough the idea that everyone is a part of ASI.

“You pay an ASI fee; you are ASI, just like the president and vice president,” said Graves. “We really look at it as everyone is on the same level. We are just going to take advantage of the resources and the professional staff to really enhance what we can do for the students of Cal Poly [Pomona].”

To learn more about Razzak and Graves and the other candidates, there will be at “Meet the Candidates” event on April 23 during U-Hour in University Park.

The third ticket for ASI president and vice president, Robert Ward and Justine Budisantoso, will be profiled in next week’s issue.


Danny Huynh/The Poly Post


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