Hall, Sanchez aim to be advocates for all students

By Guillermina Rodriguez

Campaigning for Cal Poly Pomona Associated Students, Inc. student leader positions began on Monday. Three presidential and vice-presidential teams are currently in the running.

One of the three duos running for the ASI president and vice president positions is current ASI vice president Christine Hall and running mate Jose Sanchez.

The goal of their campaign is to ensure student voices are heard and their ideas are implemented.

“I want to focus on advocating for students,” said Sanchez. “We can advocate to influence decisions on the administration.”

Both Hall and Sanchez have their share of leadership experience working with different campus organizations.

Besides being the ASI vice president, Hall has also been an orientation leader for two years and has worked closely with the African American Student Center.

“I feel with the experiences I’ve had all throughout my years here at Cal Poly [Pomona] and with the different involvement that I’ve had with the leadership ” that’s probably what prepares me,” said Hall. “And what makes me the most excited to run, because I feel like I’ve been exposed to a lot so I can bring a diverse thought in the way we run our campus.”

Current ASI President Chris Osuala said Hall has good decision-making skills that will translate to the role of president.

“I would definitely highlight those [skills] because working with her this year, we had so many different things we had to tackle,” said Osuala. “I always leaned on her and asked her opinion as how we should go about solving different problems.”

Sanchez is a credential student who has been at CPP for six years. He has been involved in many different organizations and was the first male president elected in Hermanas Unidas, a predominantly female organization.

“Because of my Chicano and Chicana studies, I learned that society has a standard, a norm,” said Sanchez. “And I like to break all that stuff and all my leadership has shown that.”

Besides participating in campus related activities, Sanchez also joined the National Guard after being part of the Marines.

Sanchez, whose verification as a candidate is still pending, said the military helped him learn the discipline of being a leader and how to get everything organized so that things can get done.

“I have always been a voice for the students,” said Sanchez. “I’ve been involved in multiple demonstrations where students need a voice and I was part of that voice. I love Cal Poly [Pomona]. I will do anything for my school and for the students.”

A priority for Hall and Sanchez, if elected, is to make ASI more visible and available to students.

“I think we should be more visible because it would encourage more students to: one, use their voice and tell us what their concerns are, [and] two, it will help them to be involved as well, whether that be in ASI or other things,” said Hall.

Hall said she is considering implementing a mentorship program that will guide students to get involved on campus, if elected.

“If you think about it, there’s no sophomore orientation, there’s no junior orientation,” said Hall. “I would have some kind of follow up, so that our students are actually staying here, that they’re getting everything that they need out of their experience here.”

Hall and Sanchez also want to improve school spirit and get more students to participate; they plan to do another homecoming next year.

“The homecoming, I want it to be bigger,” said Hall. “I want it to be better and it’s helpful that the university is celebrating its 75th [anniversary], because now it’s going to be a true collaboration between ASI and the university.”

To learn more about Hall and Sanchez and the other candidates, there will be a “Meet the Candidates” event on April 23 during U-Hour in University Park.

The second presidential duo, Aisha Razzak and Devon Graves will be profiled in next week’s issue.


Kambria Jean-Baptiste/The Poly Post


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