Masked murder is served

By Lindsey Floyd

More than 90 Cal Poly Pomona students and guests gathered in the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch on Wednesday evening for the Murder Mystery Dinner.

Tickets were $30 and the event ran from 6 to 9 p.m. It was put on by ASI BEAT and the Sharpo Murder Mystery Company.

Those in attendance received a dinner cooked by Bronco chefs starting with salad and bread, followed by a chicken and rice dinner and finished off with red velvet cake.

Three opportunity raffles were held with prizes including $25 gift cards from Starbucks, Target and AMC.

Executive Producer of Sharpo Murder Mystery and actor Eric Sharp headlined the event. His resume includes appearances in TV shows such as “Star Trek Voyager” and features such as “Liar, Liar” with Jim Carrey.

He is currently working on a role in the film “Broken Horses” as well as a Sharpo Mystery Movie “Canvas the Night.”

Sharp described the event as immersion theater where the audience interacts with the actors and helps to create the plot.

“Our job is to facilitate the adventure with the audience as the focus,” Sharp said. “We have a story and if you follow the clues and you observe what happens you can solve the crimes using the merits of deductive reasoning.”

To start, actor, Adrianna Alexander, who played twin sisters Madison and Addison, handed each guest a form to fill out as the night went on.

She explained that everyone in attendance was going to be a suspect in the murder that night and that guests should trust no one.

Sharp played the role of Detective Sharp from the “Laa” Police Department. Fellow actor Reverend Hightower helped to narrate the story in the beginning.

The story told of a beautiful painting taken from a poor artist. In response, the artist cursed his work .

The painting travelled from owner to owner, each with “lower moral caliber” than the first.

As a result, each one died two days later. Finally it landed in the hands of a good museum curator where it stayed for many years.

Wednesday evening, the aging curator decided to sell the piece. The mystery began when Alexander, acting as security guard Madison, was shot and killed while retrieving the painting from the other room.

The show went on as clues were found and Sharp interviewed audience members to find the killer.

Then, students were allowed to examine the clues more closely and were asked to write out who they thought the killer was, how he did it, and why.

In the end, three audience members came closest to solving the Mystery and were awarded Sharpo coffee mugs.

“I have midterms tomorrow and I have to go back and study after this so it gives us a little bit of a break,” fourth-year Finance and Real Estate Law student Joshua Thai said. “The mystery dinner is an escape right now.”

Sharpo actress Toni Deaver thought the performance went well and enjoyed the level of particpation during the event.

“The students that were here represented the school very well,” Deaver said. “They were charming and very inviting to me. They followed the story very well. It was a good audience.”

Sharp explained that Mystery Murder events are “smart comedy for smart people,” where fun can be had without cussing or degrading of others.

“Tonight proves you can have a lot of fun without getting drunk,” Sharp said. “There was no swearing, no politics, no religion and guess what? We all laughed for three hours.”

Bronco hospitality students cooked, served and ushered the event.

“This is a class and every week we have a scheduled rotation of jobs,” said fourth-year hospitality student Katherine Chammas. “It has a lot of prerequisites and is one of the last classes you take before graduating.”

Dining at the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch is not limited to Murder Mystery events. The restaurant is open for dining all year.

“If you like to have fun then come out, have great food, spend time with friends, and have a great time here at Kellogg Ranch,” Thai said.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Ivan Aguilar/The Poly Post

Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner

Ivan Aguilar/The Poly Post

Murder Mystery Dinner

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