Puppies, naps bring students necessary stress relief

By Tiana Teague

With midterms present and finals just around the corner, a gift came from Associated Students, Inc. and the Bronco Events and Activities Team for students to help address the common factor of stress.

Some may think about massages or counseling, but Chelsey Lane, a fourth-year animal science student and BEAT Programming Chair, took students to a simpler aspect of life by bringing puppies, snacks and naps to campus with Stress Relief Week.

During U-Hour on May 8, puppies placed under a tent helped students in a therapeutic way. The puppies’ presence lightened up students’ hearts and put smiles on many faces. The puppies were brought to campus and rented from pupsandreps.com.

“Whenever you see a puppy you get happy; so when you’re happy you release hormones that make you feel good and get rid of stress,” said Lane.

It was the puppies’ simple nature of being small and cute, running around and loving the attention from anyone who took the five minutes to step into the gate with them, that gave students a sense of ease.

Emmanuel Javier, a second-year history student, does not currently have a dog but wanted to feel their infectious energy.

“It was just nice,” said Javier. “You just forget everything that is going on around you and you just concentrate on the cuteness of the puppies.”

Javier said he is definitely a stressed student and feels that there should be more events that have puppy therapy to help students take their mind off of life.

The puppies included breeds such as Maltese, Dachshund and Yorkie. All of the young puppies attracted students, faculty and staff around the gated space. In five minute increments, a small group was brought into the puppy playpen to have a relaxing moment in their busy schedules.

Michelle Phillips, a third-year liberal studies student, owns a Dachshund back home, and these puppies not only reduced her stress level, but reminded her of her dog.

“They relieved the stress while they were here, and then when they left I am just more stressed because I wanted to take one home,” said Phillips.

Lane had yet another idea in addition to the playful pups to relieve students’ stress: nap time.

Lane prepared the Andromeda room in the BSC with mats and sleeping eye masks on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30-5:30 p.m. Light music played with the lights dimmed low so students could feel at ease for however long their nap was.

Through either a 20-minute power-nap or a one-and-a-half-hour nap, students had the opportunity to relax in the middle of the day.

Lane said she has often wanted to take a nap on campus and was thanked by students on Tuesday for putting the event on. Snacks were provided for students after they woke up too. Lane expected about 20 students to attend and fell just short of that number.

“I guess you could go to the library, but that’s just not as relaxing or comfortable,” said Lane. “You always have someone loudly talking right next to you, waking you up. I just thought it would be really nice for students to have an area.”

Lane said she hoped this helped students during midterms. As some other campuses have a nap room, Lane is looking forward to having nap time available more often. As more students discover and desire naps, she hopes Cal Poly Pomona would possibly invest in a permanent nap room, especially for those who commute to school.

“ASI BEAT is there to help with student needs,” said Lane. “We try to get all types of crowds, and the people that I have seen come here, I haven’t seen come to our other events. So it was really cool to have a new crowd of people.”

Stress Relief Week hosted by ASI BEAT.

Kyle Thurin / The Poly Post

Stress Relief Week hosted by ASI BEAT.

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