Reality show ‘The Intern’ to premiere new season

By Hannah Amante

The College of Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona will be hosting its first viewing party for the student reality show “The Intern” on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at University Park.

The show, which follows a competition among 12 students for a paid internship at Wurth, Louis and Company, is in its second season and will be shown in full episodes for the first time.

Three more viewing parties will be held for each following episode each week, with the finale to be shown at CBARN, the end-of-the-year recognition banquet for the CBA.

“The Intern” is the collaborative effort of around 50 student volunteers from different majors, who make up the bulk of the production team, as well as many sponsors, faculty and CBA alumni. The show is set in various locations in Los Angeles, with its headquarters at The Kellogg House.

Hebba Fares, a fifth-year marketing student who oversees the marketing side of the show, says anyone who is interested is invited.

“We want [the viewing party] to go beyond the college, more of the whole university experience, not just the CBA, so we’re going to have a lot of social things prior to airing the episode,” said Fares. “We’re trying to make this a whole college campus event where we can all interact together and start picking our favorite contestants and following them the same way you do on a show.”

A free raffle will be held, a photo booth will be set up and CBA clubs will have food-selling booths. Sponsors of “The Intern,” such as Apple, Inc. and 5-Hour Energy Drink, will also have their own booths at the event.

At 35 minutes, the premiere episode is the longest of the four.

According to Blake Byrne, an entertainment marketing student and director and co-writer of the show, viewers will get to meet the contestants and learn what drives them.

“It’s entertaining all the way throughout,” said Byrne. “I’ve watched it several times and I still like watching it over and over again. I think people will be pleasantly surprised.”

He explained that “The Intern” accomplishes some of the same objectives that popular reality TV does.

“Every reality show tries to dive the person into a scenario and what we have created here is exactly that,” said Byrne. “We’ve taken very quality contestants and very enthusiastic sponsors and paired them together to see the interaction, the dynamic.”

Byrne said “The Intern” also deviates from the average reality TV show because it focuses on the students’ abilities and not the drama that occurs behind the scenes.

Marguerite Endres is the coordinator for Internships and Alumni Relations at the CBA, as well as the executive producer of the show. She said the hard work done by the production team and participants was truly reflective of the work that goes into applying for and doing a business internship.

“These are students who are definitely going above and beyond,” said Endres. “They literally were putting in 20 hours a week on this project on a complete volunteer basis. [One of our sponsors] Kate Nelson, campus recruiter for Target, said, ‘Just through observing them in their environment, I already know that they would pass the first two levels of interviews.'”

Byrne hopes the show will bring recognition to the college.

“We want to showcase our students’ talent,” said Byrne. “But we also want to educate them at the same time, because the sponsors provide them feedback on their tasks.”

He also stressed the importance of keeping up with changing technology.

“Being recognized for our polytechnic education style is one thing but innovation is the ground and foundation of business,” he said. “We’ve created an opportunity that is innovative and changing with the times.”

Fares emphasized that the show is beneficial to its viewers as well as its contestants.

“We want the viewers to see that this is yet another thing that Cal Poly does that’s totally different from other universities,” Fares said.

“People who go to the premiere parties will see that if this is what you put into it, you’ll have all these opportunities, and Cal Poly and ‘The Intern’ are willing to provide you these things if you’re willing to commit and dedicate yourself the way all the contestants did,” continued Fares. “Whether you make it as a final intern or not, just all the networking you get out of it is ridiculously valuable.”

Fares, Byrne and Endres continually acknowledged the diversity of the group that helped make “The Intern” come to fruition.

Fares called the making of the show a “mass model of human effort.”

Byrne said in the beginning, many of the volunteers did not have the skills or the background in production work but improved greatly throughout the process.

“We became such a flowing, functioning unit by the end of the productions,” said Byrne.

Endres said that there will “absolutely, definitely” be a third season next year.

“We’re already thinking about what we can do better, what we can do next time to make it even more efficient and even more exciting,” said Endres.

Reality show

Ana Brenda Ibarra / The Poly Post

Reality show ‘The Intern’ to premiere new season

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