Modern baseball stadium spearheaded by grant

By Jacob Sundstrom

A grant from Cal Poly Pomona alumnus Danny Andrews seeks to kick
start the campaign to build the new $7.1 million home field for
Bronco baseball.

Scolinos Field has remained relatively unchanged since the
championship seasons of 1976, 1980 and 1983. The stadium has no
lights, no locker room, no permanent restrooms, no permanent snack
bar and fatigued bleachers.

The $400,000 grant is the largest gift Bronco Athletics has ever
received, topping the previous record of $105,000, which was also a
gift from Andrew’s.

“When I heard the price tag to build the new stadium, I felt it
necessary to make a lead pledge to show the community and alumni
that this is really going to happen, not just talk,” said Andrews
in an email. Ideally, other alumni, corporations and benefactors

the University will join me in a four or five year pledge so the
stadium can be built in phases.”

Andrews played for famed Broncos coach John Scolinos, who led
the Broncos to all three of their Division II championships, from
1988 to 1990 and was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

After two years in the Dodgers’ minor league system, Andrews was
released and went back to his agriculture major roots. He now owns
a produce growing and shipping company, named Dan Andrews

Bronco Athletics is currently working on a website for the new
field, which will give more information on what the project entails
and how both alumni and students can get involved.

“This is something Danny has wanted for a long time,” said
Director of Development Brandon Raphael. “He was in a position to
make a difference, and he wanted to do that. He specifically loves
the idea of having night games which is something we’ll be able to

with the new field.”

The most important additions will be lights, as the Broncos are
currently ineligible to host postseason play without them; new
seats, which will replace the bleachers with chair back, stadium
style seating; a new clubhouse, which will feature a coach’s office

a locker room; and other amenities such as enhanced batting cages
and a new scoreboard.

This grant solidified the baseball project in Raphael’s mind and
helped push the project into the fundraising stage at full

“It happens with any capital campaign like this where everyone’s
talking about it, and you’re talking about it, and then a major
gift likes this comes in and it’s like ‘Whoa, this is really
happening,'” said Raphael.

The project will come in two phases, which Raphael believes will
assist in the fundraising process.

“We’re going to get to a point where we can start building the
field and what we need to actually play a baseball game,” said
Raphael. “We don’t need to wait till we have the full $7 million to
start building.

“Once you start building something and people see where their
money has gone, it makes a difference. Another thing that helps is
announcing these gifts as they come along, having the thermometer
that shows where we are and where we want to be.”

The field will retain the Scolinos Field name, but several other
naming opportunities will be available. Since the stadium is
entirely privately funded, these opportunities will help “move the
needle,” said Raphael.

These new amenities will not only appeal to fans but should
assist in recruiting as well, according to Broncos Baseball Coach
Randy Betten.

“During the recruiting process the kids want to see really nice
stuff,” said Betten, in reference to training facilities. “While we
have okay facilities right now, they’re outdated. It needs some
renovation help to modernize it to bring us up to speed with

everyone else in the conference.”

New facilities will not change the focus of CPP student
athletes; namely, the academics-first mentality of the athletics

“Cal Poly [Pomona], being an academic institution, you’re going
to get a higher level of student as far as GPA and SAT scores go,”
said Betten. “With that you’re going to find very competitive guys,
because they’re obviously very competitive in the classroom.

think there’s a great balance between those two.”

With the project still in its infancy, a timeline has not yet
been established. Raphael advises those interested in giving to the
project to contact him any time, and to all interested in the
project to keep an eye on the Bronco Athletics website for

as it becomes available.

Updated Scolinos Field

Paul Rosales / The Poly Post

Updated Scolinos Field

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