CPP Rose Float design concepts under way

By Ben French

Only a month ago the Cal Poly float “To The Rescue” made its way
down Colorado Boulevard to win the “Viewer’s Choice” award and
preparation has already begun for the design of next float.

This year’s theme for concepts is “Oh the Places You’ll Go,”
based on the Dr. Seuss book.

Cal Poly students from both Pomona and San Luis Obispo as well
as community members had until 5 p.m. Friday to submit designs.

Derek Sorenson, fourth-year electrical engineering student and
construction chair of the rose float, looks forward to the
challenge a structure similar to that of buildings and creatures in
a Dr. Seuss book could present.

But as in years past, he is taken aback by the small number of

“I’m always surprised by the number of submissions we have,”
said Sorenson. “It’s a good number but it’s not nearly as many as I
would expect from a contest that includes both campuses and the
local community as well as the draw of a thousand dollar prize or
Rose Bowl tickets.”

The decision process will start with the Cal Poly committee
which consists of San Luis Obispo students and Pomona students.

The best five or six submissions will be selected and sent to
the Tournament of Roses float committee, which will then take about
a month to approve one submission and return it to the Cal Poly
committee, according to Brain Hensley, third-year chemical
engineering student and committee chair for rose float

The committee voting on concepts for the 2012 Cal Poly Rose
Float will be voted on next Wednesday.

Karissa Perez, a third-year liberal studies student and 2012
president of the Rose Float Club, helps to promote the club to the
community, reaching out with fliers and social networking, such as
Facebook to attract contestants for the competition every year as
well as gather volunteers for the construction.

Perez said committee members may submit ideas, but it is
discouraged for them to discuss or promote their idea to avoid a
conflict of interest.

The tournament committee has never outright rejected all
submissions sent their way from the Cal Poly Committee, but
problems with decisions occur due to flaws in submitted designs
versus the actual design developed post construction.

“Last year, we had a concept that was superheroes,” said
Hensley, “We liked the superheroes but we didn’t like portions of
the concept they designed. We take their main focus and turn it
into whatever we want it to be, whether it’s making subtle changes
in the design or redoing it into whatever we want the design to

Zachary Cooper, third-year electrical engineering student and
construction assistant, pointed out similar issues in the actual
construction of the float from last year’s parade.

“We had trouble with the flying super hero this year,” said
Cooper, “In the photo we chose to use it looks like she’s flying up
to catch the falling helicopter but in order to do that we had to
mount them on the same plane which made it look less dramatic.”

Hensley said that there will be no early release of information
in regards to which ideas will be sent to the tournament

It will take the committee at least two weeks to decide on a

Rose Float Lab

Albert Rodriguez / The Poly Post

Rose Float Lab

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