Puss in Boots’ entertains with witty story line

By Anthony Solorzano II

It has been seven years since we were first introduced to
Antonio Banderas’ embodiment of the boot-wearing, sword-fighting
cat in “Shrek 2.” Since then, he has appeared in all “Shrek”
sequels, gaining popularity with viewers all over the world.

Because of his popularity, DreamWorks decided to give him a
well-deserved prequel/spin-off entitled “Puss in Boots.”

With clever jokes, savvy usage of different fairy tales, an
action-packed story line and cute comedy rags, “Puss in Boots”
delivers enough to entertain the demographics it is aimed at.

In “Puss in Boots,” Puss crosses paths with his childhood
friend, Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zack Galifianakis), while
searching for Jack’s infamous magic beans.

Ever since they were both young kids at an orphan house, Humpty
and Puss had been searching for the magic beans.

As they grew up, their search led them to steal from people and
to get in trouble with the law.

After saving an old lady from a raging bull, Puss becomes a hero
and decides to give up the criminal life he once lived with Humpty,
and dedicate his life to protect the people of his hometown.

Growing envious and jealous of Puss’ heroism, Humpty tricks Puss
into a crime that gets Humpty arrested and turns Puss, the once
hero, into a wanted outlaw.

Having been betrayed once by Humpty already, Puss is hesitant
about working with him again. But, with the persuasion of Kitty
Softpaws (Salma Hayek) the search for the magic beans was once
again on its way.

Soon enough, the crew finds what they were looking for and
Humpty’s real motives behind the operation are discovered.

DreamWorks’ clever usage of fairy tales introduces characters
such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and Jill and Humpty

In animated films, filmmakers have the flexibility of having
unrealistic situations happen to entertain children. In “Puss in
Boots,” that flexibility is not taken for granted. For example,
having scenes that have Puss fighting muscular men with just a
sword make children laugh.

At first, the plot seems to be scattered, with one too many
action sequences and not enough story or character development.

Once the story is actually introduced and characters begin to
develop, Puss delivers enough laughs and awes to entertain
children, and even some adults. Being that awkward film season
between Blockbuster summer and award season, “Puss In Boots” is the
film that will help time pass by and entertain kids for the time

Rating: 3/5


Courtesy DreamWorks Animation


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