Not your typical editor

By Cecily Arambula

After working as a staff writer and assistant lifestyle editor
for The Poly Post, lifestyle editor was my goal.

But when I was offered the role of editor-in-chief, I was
quickly faced with the decision to pick a column section and

I worried a music column would somehow lessen my credibility as
editor-in-chief with those who expected me to write a news

How would I be able to write about something I am passionate
about, while still maintaining a certain level of credibility as
EIC of a news publication?

I took to Twitter to seek advice from one of my favorite music
journalists, Gerrick Kennedy, a writer for the Los Angeles Times,
who told me in an email, “…although you will likely catch flak
from others wanting you to do hard news, you can show that you have
authority in hard news by leading the section appropriately.”

I would like to think I have “led the section appropriately” so
far and will continue to do so during the duration of my time as

But once a week, I’d like to take some time for myself to write
about something I’m passionate about.

I didn’t always know how to be a journalist, I’m still learning,
but I certainly always knew how to love music.

“And the Beat Goes On” is my return to my first love ”

The first song I can remember loving was Teresa Brewer’s cover
of “Music! Music! Music!” an upbeat, big band number from the

Although, I’ve heard I used to love to stand on the kitchen
table and belt the Spanish ballad, “Besame Mucho.”

I was probably the only 5-year old singing “People” and “Sadie,
Sadie” by Barbra Streisand from the musical, “Funny Girl.”

On weekends, I woke up to my mom blasting Linda Ronstadt’s
mariachi albums.

When I was in elementary school, sure I was listening to NSYNC
like all other pre-teen girls, but I was also saving my money to
get the new Train album.

I started playing the violin when I was 10 years old. Forcibly,
at first by my mother, but I ended up playing throughout grade
school until I graduated high school.

This is when I gained a whole new appreciation for music.

It had always been a significant part of my life, but after this
point, I began to hear music differently.

That’s when I realized it was less about hearing and more about
feeling. I began to really experience what I was listening to.

When I realized a career in music wasn’t the route for me, I
started to consider the idea to become a journalist.

It was there that I realized I could combine something I
considered a major part of my life with something I was interested
in and could potentially be good at ” journalism.

When I’m not reporting, editing or managing other editors, I
spend the majority of my time browsing music blogs and downloading
new music.

Although I am left with minimal time to myself nowadays, music
always provides an escape.

I depend on music how most other people depend on an old,
familiar friend.

No one will understand me the way a melody, evoking the same
emotions. No one will give advice like a relatable lyric, and no
one will motivate me to do better like a bass line set to an upbeat

Music calms the stresses of a 24-hour news cycle. Give me a good
playlist and I can write for days.

Everyone remembers their first love. Mine was music. Journalism
is where my is my life now, but just like anyone’s first love,
music will always be a part of me.

And The beat goes on

And The beat goes on

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