Sony not being honest with customers

By Angelica Villarreal

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed Sony
Corporation because of data breaches that occurred in April, when
the PlayStation Network and Qriocity ” Sony’s streaming music,
videos, games and on-demand services, were attacked by hackers.

In response to the attacks, PlayStation Network and Qriocity
have been temporarily taken offline.

The corporation alerted customers to the breach and sent emails
about the issue on April 26, six days after PlayStation Network and
Qriocity were taken offline.

The company said that it did not immediately send out warning
emails sooner because it was concerned about its customers.

Sony released a statement that said that it was worried about
customers being confused and taking unnecessary actions if the
information gathered was not fully corroborated by forensic

The company reported that it was attacked by computer hackers
between April 16 and April 19.

On May 2, Tokyo-based Sony reported that hackers gained access
to data from Sony Online Entertainment as well.

Hackers gained access to 23,400 credit card and debit card
records from non-U.S. customers.

They also gained access to the personal account information of
24.6 million account holders through the SOE network alone. The
stolen data is said to be from accounts in Austria, Germany, the
Netherlands and Spain.

Sony is still running an ongoing investigation of the illegal

Sony apologized to its customers and is cooperating with law
enforcement authorities. The FBI has also been investigating the

It is a good thing that Sony warned its customers about the
network being hacked, but it should have notified them as soon as
PlayStation and Qriocity were taken offline.

This would have saved face and saved Sony from the legal and
regulatory backlash because of how long it took to warn its

Whatever the response or actions the customers made, they would
have not been too different if the customers were warned earlier.

Sony discovered that the hackers planted a file on one of the
servers named “Anonymous.” The file said, “We are Legion.”

The corporation believes that it could have been the work of a
hacker-activist group that targeted Sony for a large-scale,
coordinated denial of service attack.

“Anonymous” singled Sony out after the company had sued George
Hotz, a 21-year-old hacker who publicized tools for playing
unauthorized games on the PlayStation console.

The hacker-activist group later released a statement denying
that it had anything to do with the intrusions in the network, but
believes that some of its members might have been the culprits.

This whole situation seems to be reminiscent of an old-fashioned
mystery mixed with the film “TRON” since hackers committed a crime
that took place inside a digital world.

After taking the networks offline, Sony took other precautions
to prevent any future attacks.

Sony named a new chief information security officer, added
software and enhanced encryption.

The corporation also implemented new firewalls and expedited its
plan to move the system to a new data center with better

Although Sony has taken all these extra steps to protect the
networks, it will most likely be considered as a challenge by the
hackers who attacked the networks.

Sony has put its system under thorough investigation and
surveillance, but will that be enough?

Sony not being honest with customers

Illustration by Gary Grinkevich / The Poly Post

Sony not being honest with customers

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