Thirteen Greek leaders placed on disciplinary probation

By Amanda Newfield

Thirteen Greek Council members received sanctions from the
university Friday, informing them of their removal from student
leadership positions after administrators were informed of drinking
at a university related function.

The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values conference
was part of a national leadership conference for students who
representedGreek communities from varying universities.

Sergio Nava, fourth-year international business and marketing
student and Greek council representative, said he and the other
students were caught drinking on the last night of the three-day

Graduate student interns, who also attended the conference,
reported the Cal Poly Pomona students to university administration
said Nava.

The sanction states that the students were charged by the
university with a three part charge, the first including the
“violations of title 5 of the California Code of Regulations
section 41301, unacceptable student behaviors.”

The other charges included drinking at a university related
function and ignoring the directions of a university official or
public safety officer.

“Cal Poly Pomona recognizes the value of the Greek system on
campus, which is one reason why we hold its members to high
standards of conduct,” said Senior Media Coordinator, Tim Lynch in
an email. “Actions taken in the wake of the conference reflect
those standards.

He added that the sanctions were issued to individual Greek
representatives and not Greek organizations as a whole.

Nava, who oversaw planning for Greek Week along with other
programming chairs, was served the sanction the Friday the
festivities started.

“The information went straight to [Vice President for Student
Affairs] Doug Freer and then from there went through the judicial
process and they tried to push it through as quickly as possible,
before Greek week started,” said Nava. “On Friday we get the
notification that we have to completely let go of everything and
not touch anything that’s Greek Week.”

The sanction states that the students are on disciplinary
probation until the end of Fall 2012. It also states that they
“will not participate in Greek week 2011.”

In addition Director of Judicial Affairs Susan Ashe, said in an
email that “If a student’s sanction involves a duration of
disciplinary probation, they are then in bad standing with the
university for the duration of their probation. Some of the
consequences of being in bad standing are that students are not
eligible to hold leadership positions, are not eligible for some
awards, and are not be eligible for university-sponsored

According to the sanction, the definition of “participate” meant
each student placed on probation was not permitted to volunteer at
any events, be a spectator, or be in the vicinity of any of the

Those students were also forbidden to wear any Greek attire
during any of the days Greek week was held.

From the Greek Council five students received sanctions, four
students from the Panhellenic Council, one from Inter-Fraternity
Council and three from National Panhellenic Council.

“I definitely do regret it, but it’s definitely way more than it
should have been,” said Nava about the consequences decided by CPP
administration. “The process was more intense than anyone could
have imagined. Basically now we can only go to school and be a
student. They took everything else away from us. I understand that
yeah, I should do community service, I should definitely enroll in
an online drinking class, write a letter of apology. That’s what I
was expecting to do.”

Nava said the time spent going in and out of the Judicial
Affairs office has taken up a large portion of each student’s
personal time and energy.

“They were saying because we are Greek leaders, we are going to
get the upmost punishment because we are supposed to set the
example for the community,” said Nava. “At the same time, all of us
who are in trouble have never been in trouble before. We have no
past records on campus.”

Nava said that once the sanctions were served students were no
longer eligible to receive any Greek-related scholarships or

“These awards are for your whole college career,” said Nava. “We
worked so hard our whole time here, and now because of this one
incident, we can’t apply for any of the scholarships or awards.
This has left a really bad taste in my mouth with the university. I
agree we should have gotten in trouble, but this is just a whole
other level.”

Shai Maor, a fifth-year sociology and criminology student, was
representing the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at the AFLV conference as
an Inter-Fraternity Council delegate.

“There was a lack of judgment,” said Maor. “Everybody was kind
of not thinking, just having fun and there were consequences

Maor said he believes university administrators are attempting
to make students involved with the Greek community aware of the
consequences that come after an incident like this one.

“I think it’s a little unfair,” he said. “I think this whole
example they are trying to make of the Greeks, getting everybody
and not just the people involved is a little unfair.”

Maor received a written warning from Judicial Affairs.

“I’ve been to a few of these conferences before and to think
that people won’t have fun and drink is ridiculous,” he said. “I
think the timing was unfortunate, but fortunate because people knew
that Greek week was coming and they still behaved the way they

Thirteen Greek leaders placed on disciplinary probation

Thirteen Greek leaders placed on disciplinary probation

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