Profiting from Bronco apparel

By Erik Carr

As Cal Poly Pomona enters into the final six weeks of the
2010-11 school year, numerous campus entities have submitted budget
proposals for the 2011-12 school year.

Due to the tough economic climate, these entities have been
thinking more about cutting back and less about how to make a
profit and Bronco Athletics is no exception.

There is a potential revenue stream, however, that if executed
correctly could allow Bronco Athletics to net one more way to

Does it involve increasing the price of admission for
non-students? No, doing this would only bring down attendance.

Does it involve charging students admission into Kellogg Gym and
Scolinos Field? No, for the same reason.

What it does involve is selling Bronco apparel at the Bronco
Bookstore during the hours of home games.

Believe it or not, Bronco Bookstore was open on some occasions
last season during basketball games.

For all intents and purposes, this seemed like a logical idea to
cater to the spectators who want to get an article of clothing
displaying the name and colors of their home team before, during or
after halftime.

Except there was one problem: nobody came to the bookstore.

Now, you’re probably asking “why can’t Bronco apparel be sold
right on the spot at Kellogg Gym?”

This idea at face value seems like a no-brainer, but there are
two words that prevent this proposal from coming to fruition:
trademark and licensing.

Bronco Athletics does not have the authority to sell Bronco

Yes, the venue in which the sports are played doesn’t even have
the authority to sell the products that make the existence and
promotion of said apparel possible.

In light of this somewhat inconvenient irony, here is what the
Bronco Bookstore needs to do during games.

Firstly, advertise, advertise, advertise through signs and

It’s simple economics. In order to be able to make money, one
has to be willing to spend money.

Secondly, when people get the idea the bookstore is still open
after the halftime buzzer goes off, make a point of advertising
your most expensive products.

As long as it’s allowed, give precedence to advertising the
NCAA-licensed apparel such as sweatshirts and hats.

Last of all, do not underestimate the power of interpersonal

Since the beginning of time, the most personal and most
cost-free way to promote an event is in person and the best time in
which members of Bronco Athletics can inform the entering
spectators the bookstore is open is right when they enter the

With these tips, Bronco Athletics, which works in partnership
with Bronco Bookstore on other projects, will be able to both
promote their products and profit from them.

In case you’re wondering, during Engineering Open House, the
bookstore opened its doors to potential customers for four

Clint Aase, assistant director of general merchandising at
Bronco Bookstore, said that “99 percent of sales from that
four-hour window occurred during the final 30 minutes.”

Women of Winter

Erik Carr, Sports Editor / The Poly Post

Women of Winter

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