Gaga, I just don’t care anymore

By Rachel Winter

Lady Gaga has done it again, but this time, the attention gained
by her less than conventional antics has died down a lot faster
than usual.

At first, she admittedly had me completely fascinated with her
crazy antics, crazier songs and even crazier outfits.

Now, it’s too much and it’s beginning to get a bit annoying and
over the top.

Sure, celebrities like to push the limits, and it gives them the
attention that they look for.

.” Just look at Britney Spears or Madonna ” to name two.

Let’s be honest though.

As much as everyone wonders what she will come up with next,
Lady Gaga is pushing not only the limits of what is socially
acceptable, but she is pushing people’s buttons as well?

The point of people not caring is right around the corner,
especially since we all know that anything she does is to gain
attention and to cause a media frenzy.

The whole over-the-top nature of this singer just gets old after

Pop stars are always looking for the next big way to catch
attention, and Gaga did just that by being “born” out of an egg at
this year’s Grammy’s.

With everyone wondering what Gaga would be up to next, she gave
viewers a little taste of that special Gaga eccentricity they were
looking for by popping out of that egg.

For the many people who just rolled their eyes and went on with
life, Gaga’s “egg-sposure” is nothing more than another crazy,
over-the-top media stunt.

Nonetheless, people are still extremely intrigued by Lady Gaga
and pop stars of the like, and have shown immense fascination with
her and a constant wondering of what’s next, even though they all
know it will be another media-grab.

This fascination showed when, according to Gaga Daily, Lady
Gaga’s newest song “Born This Way” became the number-one song on
iTunes in less than three hours after being released.

This made it the the first song to ever do this.

Although she has such a mass appeal, her videos are the second
most played videos on YouTube after Justin Bieber.

She is also trailing behind rapper Eminem in Facebook

Sure, Lady Gaga can be entertaining.

However, she remains entertaining for about two seconds before
the channel or song gets changed yet again.

With the radio stations playing her song “Born This Way” over
and over again, I’m thankful that iPods are just a plug into the
stereo away.

Instead of going “GagGagGag” all the way home, there’s a
wonderful playlist to be heard with no “Born This Way” in

Gaga, I just don

Photo illustration courtesy of Greg Toumassian / The Poly Post

Gaga, I just don’t care anymore

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