Hall Pass’ has Farrelly brand of humor

By Anthony Solorzano II

Last weekend, a new comedy by the Farrelly brothers hit
theaters, providing a closer glimpse at the life of two married
couples after they decide to take a week off from marriage.

The Farrelly brothers are known for their weird, gross-out
comedies that end on a sweet note. With movies like “Dumb and
Dumber”, “There’s Something About Mary” and now “Hall Pass,” they
stay true to their trademark filmmaking.

“Hall Pass”, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer
and Christina Applegate, follows the two couples’ week of
experimenting, so to speak.

After discovering their husbands obsessions with sex, Maggie
(Fischer) and Grace (Applegate) give their husbands Rick (Wilson)
and Fred (Sudeikis) “hall passes” ” a week off from marriage.

Not knowing anything about the dating world, Rick and Fred take
a trip to a family restaurant to test their luck with ladies. They
invite their friends on the week off for motivational purposes.

Soon after their friends discover “hook-ups” won’t be taking
place, they leave Rick and Fred alone with their hall passes.

While attempting to pick up ladies, without the help of their
friends, Rick and Fred get in fist fights and are chased around by

Soon after finding out about the hall pass, Rick’s kid’s
babysitter makes a move on him.

At the end of seven days of denials, awkwardness and middle
school pick-up lines, both Rick and Fred discover the real meaning
of a hall pass.

With the movie’s humorous gags about penises, masturbation and
farting, the Farrelly brothers continue to use the same comedy that
made them famous.

Behind their sometimes-disturbing film is a sweet core, leaving
the audience members with a warm feeling in their hearts.

Another aspect worth mentioning is Jason Sudeikis’ perfect
comedic timing. Proving to be funny even outside of “Saturday Night
Live,” Sudeikis’ follow-throughs of jokes seems like second nature
to him.

During one of the Farrelly brother’s recognizable gags,
Sudeikis’ character Fred is arrested for masturbating outside his
house in his minivan. After being arrested and released to his
wife, Fred is given the hall pass.

In this scene, Sudeikis proves to be the funny man needed to
follow through on Wilson’s set-ups.

The Farrelly brothers aren’t for everyone. Their sweet side is
overshadowed by their weird taste in comedy.

But if you are a fan of their other movies, you’ll enjoy “Hall

“Hall Pass” is not the best movie, it’s not the worst movie, but
it gets the job done: Rent it when it comes out.

Rating: 3.5/5

Hall Pass

Courtesy of Warner Brothers’ Pictures

Hall Pass’ has Farrelly brand of humor

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