Zodiac’s shift isn’t cause for concern

By Ben French

The universe is constantly changing and growing in respect to
its center, and with this change comes a phenomenon that has become
a media fad: a change in the European Zodiac.

In the western world, the European Zodiac is the same one seen
in newspapers and on websites, making the Western or American
Zodiac the same as in Ancient Greece.

The hype built up about this is somewhat absurd in that
astrology has been seen as a pseudoscience and a form of
entertainment for a number of years. This is only intensified by
the fact that this is nothing new.

Sometime between 147 and 127 B.C., Hipparchus ” a Greek
astrologer and astronomer ” discovered the phenomenon of
precession, which at that time was seen as the Earth shifting
itself with each pass of the sun, slowly changing the position of
the stars on the celestial sphere.

The theory then was not far off from what precession is now.

Precession is a gradual shift of the axis on which the earth
rotates, meaning the night sky will be unnoticeably different with
each rotation of the Earth.

The change from the traditional Zodiac to the precession
adjusted model has contributed to the life-changing frenzy of the
last couple weeks.

If we add up the change from the birth of astrology to now, the
change is significant.

We can see the stars in new places, and in turn, this changes
how astrology works.What does this mean for those who have been
under one sign for most of their lives?

If astrology is true in its predictions, then those people who
thought they were a Scorpio were wrong and should have been looking
at the Libra forecast.

These signs can change with the orientation of the stars because
astrology dictates that the orientation of the heavens is what
influences our lives and defines who we are and who we can be.

Another development from all of this is the acknowledgement of a
13th sign known as Ophiuchus. Also known as the Snake Tamer,
Ophiuchus is a sign relating to better health and wisdom.

The reason this sign is left out of common astrology is because
of its position in relation to the sun. Ophiuchus does not commonly
match up like the other signs do and is often disregarded.

With the advent of acknowledging the Earth’s precession, the
position of Ophiuchus has been seen clearly and is considered to be
part of the European Zodiac.

The hype of all of this has been overwhelming for some people,
and astrologers have scrambled to work with the new system in
regards to what people think and feel. But, the truth of all of
this is posturing the idea that things have changed.

A clipping in any newspaper that tells Leos to go outside and
challenge the world is the same system used from the very
beginning, with no acknowledgement of changes and discoveries made
by astrologers over the past several millennia.

The self-fulfilling prophecies people get from astrology are
what really affect personalities.

This isn’t any different from self-help books like “The Secret,”
that uses vague prescriptions to sell a product.

This type of information demeans a person’s ability to believe
in his or her own physical and mental effort to achieve his or her

Horoscopes do this by creating an external force that says, “if
you simply believe it can happen or that it’s true because you
think it’s true then it will happen and will be true.”

Astrology reaches into the unknown and is used as a guide for
people who have trouble finding their way in the world. While it
does serve a noble purpose, the strong belief people now seem to
put into it can be compared to how children rely on a cartoon
superhero to help them learn morals.


Photo Illustration by Aaron Castrejon / The Poly Post

Zodiac’s shift isn’t cause for concern

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