Amazon’s appropriate decision

By Fernando Marquez

Finding self-help books or how-to books isn’t very difficult to
do nowadays.

You can walk into most bookstores and find self-help books,
guides, and how-to’s.

There’s the ever popular “For Dummies” series and topics even
include how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

The range of topics is tremendous and the content varies

“The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child Lover’s
Code of Conduct” by Phillip R. Greaves II however, pushes the
limits of content that most how-to’s and guides provide.

The book was just recently and with every right, removed from
Amazon’s online bookstore. All someone has to do is look at the
content of the book to see why.

KAIT, an ABC television affiliate in Arkansas lists some of the
demeaning things found in the book.

They found that the book includes topics on how to find a

The book also lists some advantages and disadvantages when
looking for a child to molest or have sex with.

Greaves includes that owning a pet is an advantage and explains
how it can help to attract younger, more naive, children.

He also writes about the advantage of locating potential
children in poor communities and finding children who are lonely or

Most disturbingly, it even suggests schools as ideal starting

Although people do have the right to freedom of speech, when
that speech equips other individuals with the tools to bring harm
to another human being, that speech has to be brought into question
and Greaves’ book is no exception.

Having a book out like this only gives pedophiles the tools they
need to continue to harm children and allow those who haven’t, a
chance to do so.

The best thing that the Greaves could have done was to promote
alternatives such as counseling or other activities to individuals
who deal with pedophilia to help them redirect their negative

Most disappointingly, by publishing his book, Greaves makes no
effort to consider the victims of pedophilia and completely
undermines the safety of children.

Children are the least able to do something about pedophilia
because they are young and may not understand what sexual
molestation or abuse constitutes.

Children who have been molested or abused may also be
traumatized in the future by their experience.

In an interview with CNN, Greaves said, “True pedophiles love
children and would never harm them.”

Despite his claim, the overwhelming truth is that Greaves’ book
ultimately puts children at risk and in harm’s way by promoting and
encouraging pedophiliac acts through the advice he offers.

Books like “The Pedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure” and
others like it should not be allowed to circulate when their clear
intentions are to promote the harm of another human being.


Photo illustration by Amanda Newfield / The Poly Post

Amazon’s appropriate decision

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