Morning Glory’ is less than glorious

By Anthony Solorzano II

The film “Morning Glory,” starring Rachael McAdams, Harrison
Ford and Diane Keaton is an uplifting movie with cheesiness on the

“Morning Glory” tells the story of how an executive producer
saves a morning show hurting from bad reviews. Throughout the
movie, there are different methods used to overturn the future of
the morning show.

With its funny moments and cliches, “Morning Glory” is a movie
worth renting for its charming performances.

Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams both give performances worth

Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller, an overworked executive
producer of a morning show on the verge of being cancelled because
of its bad ratings.

In the opening scene, Becky is on a date. Throughout the scene,
her phone rings multiple times, so instead of focusing on her date,
she is worrying more about the phone calls she is missing. McAdams
perorms the emotions and actions a person in that situation would

Harrison Ford plays Mike Pomeroy, a journalist brought to the
failing show as a co-anchor in an attempt to increase ratings. Ford
plays it with perfect comedic timing and brings laughter to the

While director Roger Michell did a good job directing both Ford
and McAdams, his directing choices in different shots seemed
unrealistic and tacky.

Some of Michell’s decisions for shots gave “Morning Glory” an
artificial and unrealistic feel.

A shot of McAdams and Ford walking in the middle of the street
before sunset with no one around seems very unlikely to happen in
New York City.

Shots like these are useless, and the movie would have been
perfectly fine without them.

With actors like Ford and Keaton, this comedy is targeted at a
specific demographic that includes mature audiences.

Moviegoers may not understand the intended humor due to age

The winter season is just around the corner, which means Oscar
season is upon us. Therefore, can skip this film and catch up with
films that are getting early Oscar buzz.

While “Morning Glory” is not a bad movie, it is not a good movie

If you are into unpleasant comedies with performances by good
actors, this is a movie for you.

“Morning Glory” is not the must-watch movie of the week, but if
in a few months you have nothing to do, rent it and see Harrison
Ford, a former action star, do comedy.

Rating: 3/5

Morning Glory

Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Morning Glory’ is less than glorious

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